How a Libra Gets Along with the Air Zodiac Signs

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When a Libra is involved in a romantic relationship, things usually go smoothly. However, the unpredictable character and the constant scaling of the things can be sometimes a hard thing to be accepted, especially by partners that are a complete opposite. In order to make a relationship succeed – the Libras must make some big compromises.

Here is how the airy Libra gets along with the other zodiac signs from this group:

Libra and Aquarius

aquarius and libra

The Libra and the Aquarius can make a strong bond in the love field, but often they need more time to get to know each other and accept their differences and characteristics that are not immediately apparent.

A love passion between these two zodiac signs can develop slower so in a love affair – especially at the beginning of a love affair, there may be a lack of passion. However – this kind of start seems to be great for these two signs, as it strengthens the closeness between them.

When a Libra gets involved in a love affair with Aquarius, she strives to achieve a stronger emotional closeness by expecting the loved one to clearly express his sincere love feelings. On the other hand, the Aquarius will try to find some unusual ways to express his feelings and his affection. These differences can lead to many misunderstandings, but once these two overcome them – they can have a great and enduring relationship.

Libra and Gemini


The Libras are known as pretty diplomatic, convincing and polite people. They are also known as the judges of this world, and so are the Geminis. The diplomacy of these two signs is used whenever there is a conflict with any person.
No matter how ideal a relationship between a Libra and a Gemini seems, when two subjects with so many similarities get into a relationship, they actually create more conflicts than they are able to solve.

While they are very committed to love – when they find the other person as committing and understanding, they simply step off. The one that usually steps off is the woman in the relationship which is why sadly this match rarely succeeds.

Libra and Virgo

virgo and libra

There are plenty of differences in the characters of these two signs. The Virgo is more about materialistic things, while the Libras love passion and intimate moments spent with their partners.
The Virgo enjoys life inside the four walls while the Libra has a constant need for socializing and hanging out with close friends.

Apart from this huge difference – these two signs of the Zodiac are pretty similar. Both the Virgo and the Libra are balanced and calm people. If they sometimes get into some kind of conflict, they quickly resolve it and get on like nothing happened. They are both charming and flirty, so a bond between these two is a pretty common thing.

Once they get into a serious relationship, chances are they will have a long and a happy life together.