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July 23rd – August 22nd

The fire sign Leo is one of the signs that appreciate love and life and try to make the most out of it. These people usually have minds that can solve the most complicated problems. As the Sun rules this sign – this sign often acts like a Sun – his ego is healthy enough but often problematic if the subjects use the ego only to fulfill his own desires.
As the Leo usually does the further – is usually thought as a huge egocentric that would do anything in order to make himself happy and satisfied.

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The most important traits of a Leo’s character

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Everything the fiery Leo is doing is extremely pronounced. His temperament is choleric, and he is strong enough both physically and emotionally to conquer the world.

These people have the very strong will and they have a great wish to become famous and wealthy and enjoy everything life offers. They enjoy their personal success, while they often envy the success of the others. Happiness is based on their success, and the Leos simply must have established a good job position at work and the strongest family relations in order to be truly happy.

People born on the dates of the Leo have a strong memory and a lot of motivation to keep doing something they’ve started. They make excellent orators and thinkers, as well as scientists. However, because they are pretty well organized – they make excellent managers and leaders, and they often work exactly in this area.

These people live the life to the fullest and here is where their heart usually suffers. They frequently suffer from heart attacks, blood clots and problems with aggression and their nervous system in general.

Sooner or later – they find out they have to take things easy in order to keep their wellbeing.

Love life and the Leo


If you are having hard times achieving some male’s heart – chances are this person is born under the sign of Leo.
The male Leos are pretty good actors when it comes to love and they usually play hard to get. But, once he falls in love he becomes a totally different person – emotional, sensual and extremely caring. He suddenly puts his partner’s needs in front of his – and he is even ready to give up lots of material comfort in order to make his lover happy.

Similarly, the female Leo is very energetic and optimistic, too. She tends to look great physically and is very flirty and seductive. She can be very materialistic and always seeks for a person that can offer her a good life and lots of expensive presents. The female Leo will look cold and distant till the moment she falls in love with her partner, then everything changes. She becomes jealous and fiery and doesn’t tolerate ignored.

These traits make the Leos make great love compatibility with another Leos, the Taurus, and the Libras. Any other relationship they try to establish usually fails.

It simply takes a lot of patience to ‘survive’ Leo’s personality.