Review of the Largest Liquor Stores in Canada

Home Lifestyle Review of the Largest Liquor Stores in Canada

Need to buy a drink for boosting the spirits, celebrate an occasion or simply build up your home bar with few drinks that will come in handy next time you get some unexpected guests?
If you are suited in Canada or stop by sometimes, here are the top largest liquor stores near your location in Canada where you can buy your favourite liquors, or maybe even discover some new one that will become your favourite.

Willow Park liquor stores


The largest chain of liquor stores set in Western Canada simply offers something for each and every taste. Starting from simple choices for the casual wine drinkers to some rare selections that search some great Bordeaux – these stores are probably the first and the only place you need to visit while you are in search for your perfect liquor. Besides, their charity work that has been so exploited lately is an additional reason to visit this store and boost your spirits.

BC Liquor stores


The over 200 retail stores located in British Columbia under the name of BC Liquor stores are a perfect choice for any booze-lover. The largest chain of liquor stores set in the heart of Canada have the choice for each taste: wines, beers, refreshing drinks and lots of gadgets and accessories that alcohol drinkers can find in handy, especially while planning a big party full of drinks.

The great interior design of these stores provides the visitors a special feeling of calm and sophistication. The perfect customer service can help you make up your mind if you are having doubts about two liquors and help you plan the perfect night that includes responsible drinking.

The Real Canadian Liquor Store


The chain of stores selling liquors in Alberta is one of the chains that this state has privatized more than twenty years ago. These stores don’t operate outside Alberta, but once you get there – visiting these stores is a must, whether you are a regular drinker or simply looking for some light drink to boost your spirit. These stores are regulated strictly, as in Alberta – no liquor can be found in grocery stores and vice versa, no groceries can be found in the Real Canadian Liquor Stores, neither: special drinks and lots of wines to select from, only.

LCBO Ontario


The Ontario based enterprise popularly known as LCBO is one of the top retailers of alcohol drinks in Canada. The over 600 stores and over 20.000 different beverages imported from all around the world make this chain a very popular one in Canada. Operating since 1927 when LCBO opened around 80 stores around Ontario, this chain has now grown into an excellent choice for booze-lovers.

Legacy Liquor Store

Large Legacy Liquor Store in Vancouver

The store named Legacy set in Vancouver is another great choice if you want to find the perfect wine that will pair with your dinner or some great spirit that will help you make the perfect atmosphere for you and your friends. Lots of events that include spirits and wine tasting are available here, as well.

No matter which one of these top 5 liquor stores in Canada you choose, you must remember to drink responsibly.