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Attractive blonde impresses with its well-defined muscles, toned complexion and healthy appearance to which anyone can envy her … So we decided to find out how to achieve Kate!

Famous actress Kate Hudson after a fantastic career in the world of acting, she decided to try and creative writing, and we have recently presented a book Pretty Happy, which reveals specific lifestyle, food, fashion, and style.kate

Year-old actress, in addition to the fantastic acting talent, known as the lady who takes care of your health and body, and we are always interested in how she does it.

As Kate says, the secret lies in the perfect balance of healthy foods, exercise, and motivation that keeps it active.

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Healthy breakfast ingredients

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As much as people think that the morning meal is the most important of the day, Kate to hardest. “I’m not one of those people who wake up hungry,” said the actress, adding: “Then I realize that when I eat breakfast, I eat less during the day or evening.”

In most cases, Kate awakens in the morning with a cup of coffee and green juice. After the training, which is usually based on cycling, Pilates, or the famous Tracy Anderson exercise program, be sure to Kate drinks a protein shake that replaces breakfast.

Alkaline diet

Kate’s diet is alkaline, so it is based on the intake of healthy foods such as tofu, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and the avoidance of acidic foods.

“Our bodies are a big chemical experiment,” says Kate. This diet restricts the intake of sugar and gluten while rejecting the consumption of meat and dairy products.

Plant foods

After protein shake that says drinking after the morning exercises set, the actress usually has some kind of salads for lunch and an afternoon snack mandatory before dinner. Kate diet is based on five smaller meals a day, which is the most represented plant foods. “I do not remember when was the last time you ate meat and meat products,” added Kate.

However, this does not mean that it holds true all the time regulated diet…

“If I want to go out and eat at a restaurant where to prepare fantastic food, I’ll do it for sure at least once a week. I want you to let go and that sometimes do things that may not be too healthy,” she concluded.

Her favorite delicacies that cannot resist the Hawaiian pizza and macaroni and cheese (gluten-free).

Coffee for fresh start

If you look at Kate Instagram profile, you’ll notice similarities: coffee, coffee, and coffee. The beautiful actress that the day begins, but often enjoying this drink during the afternoon

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