How to Potty Train a Dog?

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Educating a dog to relieve himself in one place is often a challenge for owners. You have to remember that your pet’s education depends on you, therefore his bad habits do not depend on him. That is why the importance of remembering these 9 keys to teach your dog to go to the bathroom in one place.

Feed your puppy at set times each day, and remove the food bowl after 20 minutes. This will create regular intervals in which the puppy will have to go to the bathroom.

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How to house train a dog?

Take these notes into account and apply them all:

  • The corral for dogs: it is a delimited space in which we will leave our dog when we leave home and it will also be the place chosen to relieve itself. It must be a large space (it can even be a room) and it is very important to choose a quiet area of ​​the house without traffic. For example, the hall or the corridor will not be good places, we better use a room or the dining room.
  • The hours of urination: generally, the puppy tends to urinate when waking up, after eating and after exercising or intense play. These will be the ideal times to bring him closer to his area and allow him to urinate there.
  • Always follow the same routines: regularity avoids stress and helps your dog understand better. Therefore, if you always follow the same meal and play schedule, your dog will probably learn to urinate in the appropriate place sooner.
  • Avoid punishment and reward successes: it is essential to understand that we can never scold a puppy for relieving himself in the wrong place, we must remember that the mistake is ours for not anticipating or foreseeing that he will do it. On the contrary, we will always reward the successes, in this way we will make them remember better.
  • Eliminate forbidden toilets. When the puppy does his business in the wrong place, there are odours of urine and faeces that will motivate him to do it again. This behaviour is natural in dogs, and it tends to lengthen the potty-training time. Eliminate those odours and apply a dog repellent made with natural ingredients.
  • Go to the vet: the puppy needs to receive its first vaccinations after 3 months of life, for that reason and taking advantage of the visit to the specialist, it will be essential to consult with him all our doubts and rule out any health problem that is complicating this learning.
  • Clean thoroughly: yes, never use products such as bleach or ammonia, it is preferable to use enzymatic products.

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How to make a dog poop quickly?

With some faster potty sessions with proper bathroom training! And yes, once you have established that your dog is healthy and happy you need to learn few things first before your dog can learn to poop faster.

First of all, learn the signs that your dog needs to go! Otherwise, he’ll start looking for a good potty spot (good spot for him of course) and will go right there in that particular place unless you navigate the dog where it’s supposed to go pooping.

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The most common signs that a dog shows when in need to poop are:

  • The dog paces faster through the room
  • The dog starts to circle a specific spot
  • The dog sniffs a spot intensely

Then you can teach your dog to go on command. When you have specific commands trust us, they will work! Any command word can work only if you can remember it and apply it in the right places. The next thing you can do is to shape a good potty behaviour so here you can use the reward technique. This means you will regard your dog as using a good treat every time he or she uses the correct bathroom until it becomes his or her habit.