How to fly internationally with a dog?

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If your trip is going to be by plane, it is possible to take your pet with you, but the truth is that on many occasions this is not easy, as there are some restrictions and highly variable conditions, which depend above all on the airline with which you travel.

First of all, opt for direct flights, contact the airline and pay the extra for travelling with a pet onboard or in the cabin, have all the complete documentation, bring an airline dog carrier, arrive early at the airport, and don’t forget your ID on board and in the hold.

Opt for direct flights

Are you thinking of travelling with your dog by plane? Our first tip for travelling with your dog by plane is to choose direct flights. It will be fewer hours in the air and it will reduce the possibility of getting lost during the change of planes in connections. First check with your airline if possible, as some do not allow you to travel with a dog on a flight of more than 10 hours.

Contact the airline and pay the extra for travelling with a pet onboard or in the cabin

When travelling with your dog by plane, you must pay the extra charge for carrying it at the same time as you buy your plane ticket. Also, contact the airline immediately after your purchase and inform them that you will be travelling accompanied since in addition to knowing in depth the requirements that you must meet and the airline has a space for your pet.

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Have all the complete documentation

When travelling with a dog by plane you need several requirements. Start by taking your dog to the vet to verify and certify that he is in good health. Take advantage of your appointment! and ask for advice on how to help your pet to be calm and calm during the journey.

The requirements to travel with pets by plane are a vaccination certificate, a health certificate, and if it is an international trip, a veterinary certificate by SAGARPA.

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Bring an airline dog carrier

Something you should ask the airline is what size your pet’s carrier should have, as each airline has different rules. Once you have all the requirements, we recommend you get a dog carrier for aircraft.

Some airlines have stores that they recommend to ensure that you comply with all the airline’s security measures. If your pet is travelling at the wedding, you can reinforce the joints and secure the door with a good lock.

Recommendation: If your pet is not used to being inside a carrier, take the time and train it little by little before the flight.

Arrive early at the airport

You should arrive early to document your pet in time. Add a couple of extra hours to your estimated time of arrival to complete the necessary paperwork and paperwork, and the airline managers will have enough time to give you the treatment and care you deserve. If your pet does not weigh more than 5 to 8 kilos some airlines allow dogs and cats to travel the passenger cabin. What better than to be able to fly together!

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Don’t forget your ID on board and in the hold

Avoid bad times and setbacks by making sure that when your dog travels by plane he has his identification at all times. His badge must have his name and your contact details, even a microchip with a geolocator as these will be of great help if an incident occurs.

Finally, if you are going to stay in a hotel in your destination, remember to find out if they allow pets (pet friendly), to avoid more than one upset.