How to Remove a Tick From a Dog?

Home Dog Health How to Remove a Tick From a Dog?

Ticks are very dangerous parasites for dogs since their bite is capable of transmitting many diseases and can even cause death. They feed on your blood, slowly weaken you and make you sick. So, here’s how to do it!

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With some small tweezers (on the market you even have specific tweezers for such a case) pull back at the same angle at which the tick is placed. Do it in a forceful way, to avoid that the head stays inside the skin of your pet, and with the tweezers as close as possible to the body of the animal.

Steps to follow for a safe tick removal

Removing a tick is easy if you do it well, but otherwise, it can be very dangerous because the head can stay inside the animal’s skin and cause a serious infection. They are carriers of viruses, parasites, and infectious diseases that are very harmful to pets.

We must explore the dog’s body and locate all the ticks that it has because, although they usually lodge in the ears and surroundings, they can do so in any area of ​​the body. The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. First step: lay the dog in a comfortable position and, if necessary, find someone to help you hold it so you can work better. Choose a well-lit area to get a good view of the tick’s disposition.
  2. Second step: although you can remove the ticks with your hands, we recommend that you use special tweezers so you can remove the tick, thus avoiding contact and avoiding possible contagion of diseases such as Lyme or Typhus.
  3. Third step: observe the angle at which it is nailed. Grab it with the tweezers at the height of its head, that is, as close as possible to the animal’s skin. Pull the forceps gently back at the same angle to remove the head. Do it calmly, since if you squeeze the tweezers too much or pull too quickly, the head could get inside and cause infections in the animal.
  4. Step four: once you have removed the tick from the dog’s skin, do what you think is appropriate to kill it. This is very important, otherwise, you will inevitably return to the animal.
  5. Fifth step: after eliminating all the ticks that were parasitizing the dog, it is the turn to heal the wounds that it has caused on its skin. To do this, you must first wash the wound with soap and water and then use a gauze soaked in iodine.

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Natural remedies to ward off ticks from the dog

Currently, there are many products on the market to prevent and repel ticks, among which we can highlight: regular baths with water and special anti-parasitic soap, sprays, pipettes, and collars. One of the best ways of how to remove a tick from a dog is by using home remedies that are much more natural against the tick bite and, therefore, many more benefits for the pet. In addition, they are remedies available to everyone. Pay attention!

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Olive oil: a few drops will be enough for the tick attached to the animal’s skin, and It will cause a feeling of suffocation that will make you separate to look for another place. After that, you can remove it with the tweezers and disinfect the wound that it has caused in the dog.

Lemon: you should boil two pieces of lemon for a minute and a half, then put it over medium heat and cook for about an hour. Let it cool and spray the mixture on the pet, you will see how the ticks leave their body quickly.

Apple cider vinegar: to apply it, you will have to take a container and mix in it equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Once you apply it on the dog it will produce an odour that is quite unpleasant to ticks, so they will have no choice but to flee as soon as they come into contact with it.

Vaseline: you should smear the Vaseline on the affected area so that it will produce a feeling of suffocation in the unwanted host, very similar to that caused by olive oil. Soon he will retire looking for another place and it is time to take the opportunity to get rid of it.

Chamomile: you will only have to prepare an infusion of chamomile and with the help of a towel apply it to the pet. It is a fairly effective remedy to get rid of ticks in dogs.