How Often do You Walk Your Dog?

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Three walks? Five? Eight? Twelve? And for how long? And does it matter the type of dog?

We can’t really tell you how many times you have to walk your dog. Because it’s your dog. You know him better than anyone, you know how long he can last in your house, how much his needs are, and how much he needs to exercise. So, we will ask you how often do you walk your dog?

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There are small breed dogs that get very nervous if you don’t walk them out several times a day; and others, on the other hand, do not want to leave the house for more than five minutes. Then there are the dogs that need more exercise than others, such as the large or giant breed, and whose outings take a long time.

Know your environment

In general, dogs are adopted from an early age, so they get used to their natural environment being the apartment or house where they live.

If you don’t walk your dog frequently, he will see the street as a dangerous place to fear. Instead, you should walk your dog so that he is curious about the world around him, putting aside shyness and fear of what is around him.

Yes, walking your dog brings many benefits to him and you probably do it frequently, but the question that most dog owners ask is how often they have to walk their dogs.

Therefore, the info that we are going to leave you below, you have to adapt it to your pet, both because of its age and also because of how it is.  So, if you have:

A giant breed dogs

These dogs need to exercise, especially not to gain excess weight. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it out for a minimum of 80 minutes a day. You can distribute them however you want, but at least they are that time away from home. If it is more, and can run, move, play… much better.

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A large dog

For dogs between 22 and 40-50 kilos, a good 120 minutes a day will thank you. Yes, we have put more minutes than the previous ones, but because we consider that the giant-sized ones are not in a flat, but more in a house with land to move around.

But if not, you can now apply this figure to them as well. These minutes can be distributed throughout the day: for example, in the morning take it out 10 minutes before going to work), at noon 30 minutes, and at night 80 or 90. It is okay to take it out a little more a day, as long as you don’t get too out of control.

A medium-sized dog

These are perhaps the usual dogs in the houses, and they do not need to go out much, with about 60 minutes a day they have more than enough. That is equivalent to that, if there are three exits, you do them of 20 minutes each approximately. So, this is how often you should walk your medium-sized dog.

A small dog or toy

Small breeds have to go out too. Many owners prefer not to do it, especially the toys so that they do not get dirty or catch diseases, but the walk is very necessary. And this should be about 50-60 minutes a day. And another note, that this walk is really with them walking, not held in arms since it is about exercising, moving and also interacting with other animals.

Our recommendation is that, with these breeds, the walk is shorter, because they tire more than other breeds, so you have to take it out a little more often (four to five times).

Tips for walking your dog

When going out to have fun with your dog, you must first have certain utensils with you, as some needs can always arise from them, as they do with us.

* For example, you should walk your dog with some water, since dogs, especially younger ones, burn much more energy, so they tend to dehydrate faster. In case your dog does his business in the street bring plastic bags since you will have to pick them up and throw them away.

* Don’t forget to bring toys, as the dogs will always be looking for entertainment. Something as simple as a stick or a ball can transform a simple walk into one of your dog’s best play outings.

* Remember that your dog is also exhausted, so you should not take very long walks.

* If you are not used to having your dog off-leash, do not do it, especially if it is very small, since younger dogs are more playful and curious, in addition to learning the things they should and should not do, so that if you leave it without a chain, it will probably escape or run.