How much money do I need to move to America?

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How to immigrate to the USA?

Immigrating to America is expensive and a lengthy process, since your goal is to become a permanent citizen. Before we continue on the subject, it’s helpful for you to know that your immigration to America should be carefully planned. And yes, we are here to talk about the costs, every single thing that might appear on the road to this process.

But money isn’t the only and key factor in whether you’ll be able to immigrate to America, so to find the way that will make you qualified to make the transition is the biggest difficulty for most people. The immigration system is very strict and the applicants must gratify several requirements and forms so that a visa can be granted, and eventually a permanent residency.

Financial Planning

When it comes to adding up all the various fees that are required to come to America and obtain citizenship there is a particular number, so the total falls are somewhere between $4,000 and $11,000. This is a serious cost and financial planning is an extremely important part of your emigration journey.

Form filling fees, the costs of filling applications, preparing for tests, and taking citizenship tests can mean a small fortune. There are various fees involved when you first submit an application, and the filing fee depends on the type of your residency application. You will encounter different petition fees, attorney’s fees, medical and vaccination costs, citizenship test prep materials, and many other costs. We’re not here to make you feel a bit scared of the process, we feel like you need to know the steps towards immigrating.

Now, the fees are directly linked with the types of visas, such as working visas and student visas, which require interviews at the embassy of the country you are intending to migrate. This is important to be mentioned, even though we are on a different “page” of your journey to America.

There are strategies to reduce the cost of immigration. First, you should look around for legal help, but don’t select an attorney that will is not experienced in this field. Having an attorney can increase the chances of receiving approval for your immigration application. They can charge between $150 – $300 per hour. You should explore free or low-cost resources that can help you file documents and applications without an attorney if that’s not an option anymore. Then, you can take advantage of pro bono immigration services, etc.

Immigration Options

When it comes to the immigration options, let’s say that they can be numerous. People immigrate because of many different reasons, some of them because they have family in the state, or because they marry an American citizen, which is not something you can plan for and the couple goes through an interview that clarifies their status, that the relationship is based on falling in love. This happens because of the scams that are happening often so that people gain permanent residency.

Another option is sponsorship by a family member or an employer, so you better have some convincing skill levels or levels of qualification.

Since immigrating to America is a big financial investment, be sure that before you make the leap to determine all costs related to the process. This is something that is truly important in case you don’t have employer sponsorship.

The process is not simple and has strict immigration policies, it is one of the countries that the process to immigrate is difficult, but we are full of hopes that we contributed to conveying some of the important information for you.


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