Horoscope: What awaits us after the coronavirus?

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Coronavirus is part of the world, and social distancing and isolation are difficult for many. We all want life to return to normal, but the horoscope has an answer as to how the zodiac signs behave during isolation and what awaits them after the coronavirus.


You are protected during this period because the Sun is exalted in your sign. You behave in a disciplined manner and follow all the necessary instructions.

After the epidemic, you will have a period of stabilization and a lot of work, a realization of many projects that have now been stopped. But it will not be difficult for you, because you want to be active.


This is a turbulent time for you because you don’t want change and you have financial problems. You try your best to get rid of fear and panic, but you need to know that things are as they are.

After the epidemic, you will want a complete transformation of your personality. Things will get better.


Your thoughts are focused on how you feel and how lonely you are. Pay attention to money and spending during this period. The light comes on at the end of the tunnel. Recovery awaits you in economic terms, but also help from friends and co-workers.


You are being cared for and it is not very difficult for you to be at home. You plan your time in detail and you are doing great. New opportunities are coming after the end of the epidemic. It may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


In general, you need to be careful because you are crashing and you don’t want the insulation. You are constantly thinking about the trips that were planned for you, and now you cannot realize them.

The epidemic brings a small change in your personality, and special happiness awaits you at the end of the year.


It is not easy for you, because you are constantly inventing work, and with that, you are harassing others around you. Don’t let the tragic things happen. Virgos are essentially unaware of the problems facing the world at the moment.

Perhaps these circumstances will make you think about your actions, as well as how you treat your loved ones.


It is not so bad for you, because you think positively and see the way out of this situation. But it is important to follow the rules. After the epidemic, emotional changes come to you. Only minor problems with the public and public opinions are possible.


You have problems only with yourself because you feel hopeless. You may be experiencing a lot of stress, but try to organize yourself and not spread negative energy.

After the end of the epidemic, during the second half of the year, small problems related to work are possible, so additional stress is possible.


This is not the best year for you. You are currently doing well because you are responsible, but try to understand people who are panicking.

A turbulent year is coming for you after May. Do your best to rely on the advice and support of other people who are dear to you. Ask for help and you will get it.


This is a difficult year for many Capricorns, and most of the problems are due to your return to the past and questioning. You have had a lot of trouble in the past, so it bothers you. Some exes may call you, but don’t make false promises.

After this comes success in the field of work and good health.


Saturn’s new era is bringing change to you. Don’t take things for granted. You are responsible and will be responsible for the epidemic when you consciously start making decisions.

You have a big transformation ahead of you, and moving is possible.


You don’t think seriously these days. You think you are not naive and there is no need to panic, and you do not tolerate those who do. You also have some unrealistic thoughts and fantasies.

After this difficult period, you have a chance to succeed professionally, but for now, take off your pink glasses.