Is It Healthy to Eat Cashews Every Day?

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Sweet and sour taste and is very rich in vitamin C. You may have noticed that the cashews on the shelves in the store sell only in a purified state due to the fact that under its shell are toxic oil that can cause burns on contact with human skin.

Useful properties of cashew nuts

  1. Cashew is well known for its nutrients, which are able to compensate for lost functions of the body. Cashew nuts are used as feed additives for anemia, different dystrophy, and psycho-emotional disorders. Also, cashews restore the function of sex glands promotes the release of sex hormones and is a natural aphrodisiac.
  2. Cashew is recommended when you have a metabolic disorder, for normalizing blood cholesterol is good for the prevention of blood clotting and embolism, and of course, strengthens the nervous system.
  3. Cashew nuts have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, they are taken with colds or infections of bacterial nature.
  4. Nutrients, vitamins, trace elements affect the inflammatory processes in the upper digestive tract and eliminate them.

Cashews: damages and contraindications

You must be very careful, and this applies to all nuts, including cashews, if you have an allergic reaction to food. Daily should not take more than thirty to fifty grams. But basically, it is not because of allergies. Do not forget that this high-calorie.

If you take a lot of cashews may cause a rash, itching, swelling and so on. This can lead to allergies to nuts, not only to cashews but also to other species.

Cashews are used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, but be careful with overdose, not to damage the immune system.


We believe that you are so far out of the text that the cashews much more than delicious food and exceptional returns on the well-being of our overall health and it certainly should have in everyday menus. All of us who are trying to resist this volatile, fast-paced lifestyle on a themselves own way, we know how much role proper nutrition in our overall mental and physical state. Instant, fast and unhealthy food, especially chips, hot dogs, fried foods, artificial additives and juices full of all sorts of things are something that we need as soon forget wide berth and devote our health in a regular way.  Cashews will help us in all this help more than they expect him.

Cashews are incredibly good combination white healthy smoothie recipes.