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Each of the twelve zodiac signs has unique health problems that appear throughout their lives. Here is what each sign of the Zodiac system should be most careful about:

Aries: head

The fire sign Aries often symbolizes energy and strength. This impulsive sign often has problems with the blood circulation in the head which often implies dizziness and instability. However, the leading planet of the Aries is Mars which is flamboyant and helps the Aries get a quick recovery.

Taurus: Throat problems

The earthy Taurus is a symbol of strength and endurance. However – he too has his weak points. People born under this sign often have problems with the throat, the thyroid, and the mouth.

Gemini: lung problems

The airy sign Gemini are very energetic and active. Their active way of life usually keeps them away from serious illnesses, but once they get sick, it probably will be something connected with the lungs. Various respiratory infections, especially in the lungs should be something they can expect throughout their life.

Cancer – mood disorders

The emotional Cancers usually have problems with stabilizing their mood and often have problems associated with depression and various phobias. In general, this sign is prone to various kinds of diseases, many of which are due to their stressful way of life.

Leo: heart problems

The fire sign Leo is under the influence of the Sun which implies various problems with the heart and the blood system. Although Leos are usually pretty immune to diseases, once they get sick – it probably has something to do with the blood circulation, arrhythmias, and blood pressure problems.

Virgo: nerve problems

The constantly worried Virgo most often has problems with the nervous system. This sign always strives to perfection and it usually ends up with lots of stress that affect the nervous system.

Libra: body-mind balance

The sign that always scales things in life often has problems in balancing the body and mind. This disbalance leads to various kinds of health problems, and the best a Libra can do about it is practice meditation and reach the lacking balance.

Scorpio: Intestines

The passionate Scorpio usually has a good immune system that successfully fights with various diseases. When this sign gets sick, it is often connected with the intestines.

Sagittarius: Liver

health depends of Zodiac dates


The adventurous and hedonistic nature of the Sagittarius often creates problems connected to the liver. Too much food and alcohol: something this sign adores, unavoidably affects the liver; so people born under this sign should keep the liver under control in order to avoid serious diseases.

Capricorn: Depression and phobias

The Capricorns usually have problems with their self-confidence, contrary to their rebellious and stubborn character. These people often develop depression and different kinds of phobias that can be prevented with some simple yoga techniques.

Aquarius: Vein problems

People born under the sign of Aquarius are often healthy, they take care of the food they intake and have a pretty active way of life. Still, they often have problems with their veins and circulation, so they need exercising way more than the other 11 zodiac signs in order to keep their blood circulation at a healthy level.

Pisces: Bones and muscles

The frail Pisces is probably the sickliest sign of the Zodiac. Throughout their life, they develop lots of health problems, most often connected with the muscles and their bones. They also have problems balancing their hormones, so they usually need various therapies