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May 21st – June 20th

The ever-changing Gemini is known to have two different sides of his personality – and chances are you will never know who you are dealing with. Still, most of the time he is pretty social, entertaining and very communicative and he rarely gets trapped in this serious and unsettled part of his character.
The adaptable character of the Gemini gives them the opportunity to achieve success no matter the environment – making them extremely adaptable to whatever their surrounding brings up in their lives. They never get bored and this is probably the easiest way to recognize a Gemini in a crowd of people: he is usually the one having the most fun.

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Meet the Gemini in depth

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Apart from those easily recognizable traits of the Gemini – these people have a lot more to offer the world than their double personality. They usually don’t linger in deep emotions and carry more about some practical problems that arise in their everyday life.

As Mercury is their ruler planet of the Gemini, it makes these people very ambitious and highly intelligent and very curious about anything in life. They have a huge difficulty maintaining their concentration and often this is their number 1 reason for not achieving much in life. Once they decide to devote their full attention to a thing – the success is guaranteed.

A thing that makes these people a bit annoying is that they are often too picky, so they have problems gathering with spontaneous people that enjoy life no matter what.

This split sign often feels like his other half of himself is missing, so he is constantly in search for that other half – mainly among his friends and associates.

Because of this set of unique traits – the Gemini makes a great lawyer, a journalist or a detective. What they need to take care of in terms of health are their lungs and diseases related to them such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

The Geminis and their love life

The male Gemini always falls in love with beautiful and smart partners. If one of the two is missing – chances are he will get away quickly. They see the relationship as an opportunity to constantly research and try new things. He hates the dramatizing character of his partners and if someone wants to build a strong and successful relationship with a male Gemini – he better set reason before emotions.

The female Gemini is very egocentric and curious about new love aspects as her male partner in the Zodiac. She is a bit too flirty but knows how to keep things under control, so her partner better stays away from jealousy if he wants this relationship to succeed. She easily gets bored and all she wants from her partner is to get her constantly amused and entertained so she can maintain her interest in him.

These traits of the Geminis make them a perfect couple with the adventurist Sagittarius as well as the stable Libra that can somehow manage to keep the Gemini under control.