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Future Food- Cures Every Type Of Disease


Do you want to eat healthy, but always speak of “tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes or last only one day and again resume his old self?

Maybe you do not believe that raw food is healthy food and so it needs to your body?

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Or go to the line of least resistance to change; nothing in your diet? Do you want to bother about their diet and do it right now? Our regime is really fresh, healthy recipes in many different colors and flavors.

Row Food involves consuming none thermally treated food, exclusively of vegetable origin. The temperature of heating is max. about 50 degrees.

Healthy Food does not matter, but a process.

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Proteins and vitamins are molecular processes, rather than material objects. These processes are first conceived sunlight in plants, when ingested they simulate those same processes in the body. And it’s all diet. Nutrition is a simulation of the organism to continue the processes that are already underway in raw foods, not filling material, as the motor fuel, and how much fuel so the engine is running.

The matter is only the carrier of the process, and all the substances excreted from the body after they are assimilated in digestion processes. Because living organism should live foods. Life is a process, not substance.

Any processed food is dead because there are no living processes which only feed our body, i.e. encouraged him to prosecute life.


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As well as you slowly kill, dead foods give you overweight. Raw food, fruit, and vegetables, among other things, rejuvenates the body and bring it to the ideal weight in the most efficient and safest way. PURPOSE OF NUTRITION circulation LIFE. Therefore, it is a living organism NEEDED LIVE FOOD.

The body of cooked food is seen as a poison. Cooking destroys important nutrients, vitamins and live enzymes with which it is carried digestion, and fill out a changing food so that the body can not recognize it as food, and is deemed as a toxin from which to defend themselves. Because the immune system launches a process digestive leukocytosis, creation, and activity of white blood cells for the defense of cooked food that you eat.

If he cooked food poison drastically seen by young children: after cutting ignorant parents have the power to force them to eat cooked food, even though the kids are always spitting instinctively reject such foods. Immediately thereafter starting temperature, diarrhea, and vomiting mucus, because the body begins the defense of cooked food.

Only when we build a defense and get used to the feeding regimen, the body back to normal, but always with some consequences. So can withstand up to 40 years, but then it starts to fall apart. The only cure of all diseases is back on the right foods that the body needs, the raw healthy food.