These are top 10 Instagram accounts of fitness girls

The opposite of what people usually think about fitness, the truth is: it is quite a hard play. As for most people weight loss is the ultimate goal and the motivation for lifting some weights, doing yoga, cardio workouts and so on… the truth is: there is no such a motivator as the complete image of the most famous fitness divas that look and feel simply gorgeous.

Never thought a fitness female model can be followed by millions of people? Well, this actually happens, at least for each female girl that appear to attract more viewers than delicious meals posted on the social networks do.
The commitment and the complete dedication in the field of fitness usually require lots of time and energy which in the end results with a load full of positive results. Changing lives of others is the meeting point of each of these fitness divas:

1. Kayla Itsines


This dramatic fitness model has over 7.1 million followers on Instagram, and this is not by chance. After many years spent in personal training, health and fitness education and encouraging other females to follow her path – this fitness girl has blown the social networks. Her influencing style and body that shows how confident and happy a girl can be through her program for Bikini Body Guides and her book for a 28-day healthy eating plan. With such a brilliant mindset, this 26-year-old girl has created a workout application named “Sweat with Kayla” which was among the most valued applications on this topic in the past year. Being this popular, Itsines easily got her name among the 30 most influential people on the Internet, according to the Time magazine.

Itsines’s social media networks count over 12.6 million followers – for a comparison: double the number of those of the famous actor Gwyneth Paltrow). At the age of 18, just after she graduated the Institute of Fitness in Australia, Kayla launched the custom workouts made especially for her clients. Later on, these workouts reached even wider and became a real trend in Australia.


The fame Kayla gained has lots of family support. In fact, her partner who she has been with for over 5 years was a fitness fan himself, while her younger sister is a personal trainer and a food counselor herself. With such an ideal background and such mental and physical strength, the future in front of this gal seems pretty bright. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram  – @kayla_itsines

2. Emily Skye

Another Australian that has started her social media popularity back in 2011 appears to be one of the greatest looking, at least according to the number of followers she has gained in the past years.  After she launched her blog in which she kept a diary of her meals and workout plan she herself practiced – the female world has gone crazy.


As good as she looks, she has found the source of income through her video tutorials that are proven to help other females from all over the world to lose weight, look and feel better.

Behind the curtains, in the beginning, everything wasn’t that bright in Emily’s life. Fighting with depression and a hard personal life, she put a clear aim in front of herself: enhancing the sense of self-worth and gaining a lot more self-confidence. Over time, Skype realized that professional modeling with zero exercise and unhealthy eating habits couldn’t bring to anything good. Realizing that fitness is the answer to looking perfect and feeling healthier than ever was the turnaround that changed Skye’s life and after a short period of time – the lives of numerous followers of her regime.


A large number of awards on famous fitness competitions, a makeup line she launched last year and the upcoming cooperation with Reebok are just a few of the facts that make Skye so popular. Going under the motto of healthy mind + body, the tag says it all. So, if you are not among the 2.1 million that follow @emilyskyefit – it’s about time to start following her and either motivate yourself to start working out or just enjoy gazing the wonderful pics of Skye.

3. Rachel Brathen

Another breathtaking beauty that definitely falls in the group of the most popular fitness females is the yogi Rachel Brathen. Her unique and appealing lifestyle which she promoted through her book “Yoga Girl” has become an absolute hit in the past year. The number of her Instagram followers goes over 2 million and her positive attitude, perfectly shaped body – (even during and after her pregnancy) show her followers how beautiful this world can be if you go through it with a totally positive attitude. This yoga teacher claims the importance of yoga in the improvement of sex life, cancer risk decreasing, skin and hair health and more.


Presenting herself under the name of @yoga_girl this Swedish yogi has been practicing this technique since her teen years. Her inspiring and totally mind-clearing attitude helps people to gasp into the world of spirituality and at the same time look and feel as good as possible. After moving out to Costa Rica, this fitness beauty constantly connects with her followers through the platform, a website that has the purpose of educating people on the importance and the depth of the yoga practice. This wonderful creature constantly shares her life moments through her blog and motivates females from all over the world to start working on their body-mind balance which according to Brathen – is crucial for a high-quality life.  As Brathen constantly travels all over the globe, chances are almost everyone could get a chance to meet her and listen to her stories and teachings in person. Meanwhile, her social networks are loaded with so much information, all of which are extremely popular and perfectly stirring.


Behind those idyllic-looking appearance of Rachel, she constantly reminds the public that she is full of insecurities just like lots of her followers. A tough childhood and teenage years, surrounded by parents with unhealthy habits, drugs, and alcohol – all of these things put a big black shadow in Rachel’s past. A tough struggle with her weight and her mental well-being made her ask herself if there is an option for a better life out there? Luckily, she found the answer to yoga, fitness and a strict discipline full of everyday mental exercises which she considers equally important as the physical ones.

One definitely worth following!

4. Massy Arias

Change your lifestyle – the motto of the fitness beauty Massy Arias has become viral in the past years. Making over 2 million followers on Instagram and millions of likes on Facebook – the sexy fit body of this fitness guru has become “the thing” millions of men and women admire!


The strict regimen and the constant fitness routine are just a few of the things that put Massy Arias among the most esteemed fitness models worldwide. The noise that she makes on the social media has a strong background: the bombshell got into the world of fitness in quite bad conditions: trying to cope with severe depression that was connected with her genetical predisposition for getting sick from cancer. Since she found this fitness obsession actually works for both body and mind regenerating, she wrote the book that turned the world mad:  the 30-day fat loss challenge. By launching this challenge, she actually didn’t believe that she would change the world, but she sure did change the lives of millions of her followers that found this challenge really works. The bomb of the fitness world is a Latina, but she wasn’t born with a typical latin body shape which makes her even more fascinating in the world of Latino-fitness stars.


As she states on her personal website, she has the mission to teach people truly believe that health is really important and is crucial for one being happy. She hopes on influencing the new generations of personal fitness trainers to tell people that a quick weight loss and body sculpting is not possible and that the change of the lifestyle and a constant sticking to that lifestyle change is crucial.

Meanwhile, her blog that is constantly updated has tons of healthy recipes that has gone viral over the past years.

Instagram @massy.arias

5. Cassey Ho

One of the top 10 female fitness models and among the three-best-known fitness and health influencers in the world – Cassey Ho; sure has deserved her millions of admirers from all over the world. This top looking fitness model has founded the newest form of Pilates called ‘pop Pilates’ and drove the female world to a total madness. Over various forms of media channels, this fitness diva has recently received many awards, one of which is the Shorty award – in the social fitness category. Promoting a healthy body image seems to be her mission and she assuredly marked a big success and found herself among the top internet influencers this year, according to Time magazine.


After this unimaginable beauty graduated, she began designing gym bags which were used for yoga as well. And this was the actual inspiration for Casey to start entering the fitness field. After completed her graduation, She began to design yoga and gym bags which motivated her in the field of the fitness. Through the years, she gained incredible popularity and started changing lives of thousands of people that truly understood Casey’s technic and approach to the field of pilates.
The perfect body image Ho tries to encourage is bravely presented through herself, being a fabulous fitness diva and an excellent model for the young generations. Although many negative comments about promoting “a perfect body image” followed her Biogilates youtube channel; which by the way, has over 3.2 million subscribers; the world has gone mad over her concept of Yolo meals and the Youtube serial named “Cheap, Clean meals”. “You only live once” meals has gone extremely popular, as each one of us has come in situations where eating on social occasions just can’t be that healthy. Still, in Ho’s concept, the Yolo meal is followed by 6 days of healthy food and a regular workout in order to achieve the perfect body image that every woman dreams of.


Instagram @blogilates

6. Lyzabeth Lopez

The award-winning training master and the fitness guru in the female world – Lyzabeth Lopez has been known widely as the “Booty Blaster”. Besides being a trainer, she is also a holistic nutritionist and a pretty powerful voice in the media world. Her wonderful body and a passionate personality put her among the most wanted fitness models worldwide.


With over 4 million followers on the social networks, 2 of which are on Instagram – Lopez has pretty much changed the approach to the fitness world for beginners by launching her workout plan called “The Hourglass”. There is no better credit for her success than the list of over 20 international awards this fitness beauty has achieved since 1991 until today. The body harmonics international certification, the award for Canfit pro personal trainer specialist, fitness leadership program awards, fitness lifestyle & aerobics certifications and much more proof that this woman knows where she’s headed: changing the lives of women all over the world for good. According to this fitness diva, the hourglass program will bring out a full reshaping of the body and this will certainly result in nothing but positive and a healthier mindset. This has proven right since the launching of this program in 2008 when a great number of over 2000 women confirmed this workout routine actually works excellent.


Instagram @lizabethlopez

7. Brittany Perille

The Californian personal trainer – a recognized beauty in the fitness world called Brittany Leigh Yobe or better known as Brittany Perille has been a great hit after showing her perfectly shaped body in the world of fitness enthusiasts. Being only 28, we can only imagine the fame that awaits this guru in the fitness world.


The number of Instagram followers that grow each day has now reached over a million and her followers sure have lots to see by visiting her profile. Born in a suburb of Chicago, Perille started fitness since her college years in Northridge, California. To support herself financially, she started working as a personal trainer at some local gym and that is when the successful story of Brittany began. Pursuing the career in the fitness industry has followed few years late and she quickly gained lots of certifications from various associations such as The National Academy of Sports, the National Exercise & Sports trainers association and much more.  Her rigorous workout routine certainly doesn’t fit any character but it seems to create excellent results which can be seen in the spectacular photos Brittany doesn’t doubt to share with the audience. Her positive approach and great results have been recognized by the Legion Athletics Inc. a company that fully sponsors this fitness beauty which still lives in California but turned the world mad through her media presence and tons of success gained in the past decade.


Despite the negative comments from followers this brunette beauty told the world her body is created fully naturally and how her assets look like is all achieved thanks to the healthy regimen and the carefully chosen diet which she doesn’t hide from the world. A simple follow her on Instagram click will convince you in the words of this diva and who knows…maybe even inspire you to start her regime?

Instagram @brittanyperilleee

8. Ana Cheri

Can you guess how the number of 10.3 million followers is gained by a woman?  The secret has Ana Cheri, the published fitness model aged 31, who has blown all the records of the fitness beauties, at least on Instagram.


A Maxim Instagram Girl of the week, an engagement with Monster Energy, Moskova Underwear, ambassador of Shredz – all of these attributes belong to the one and only: gorgeous Ana Cheri. Another Californian girl – a fierce personality that screams out of her photos, a chameleon in the modeling world; a wonderful personality and a true success hide behind the name of the diva who recently started working for the famous Shredz supplements and shortly after she became a motivational speaker. It is not a surprise that she turned the world upside down with her demonstration of strength, sexiness and a face that blows out a wonderful positive energy. The fitness industry loves Ana, and so do the Internet media. After launching few health and fitness electronic books, she gained popularity even more. Charming the world seems like an easy task for Cheri. Besides hitting out in California, she now attracts the views of men and women from all around the world. A wonderful success is waiting ahead of this beauty,  at Instagram @anacheri will make you agree in seconds.

9. Jen Selter

If you are thinking of perfect buttocks surrounded by the perfectly shaped figure and gorgeous photographs worth admiring – you are thinking Jen Selter. This Internet celebrity born 1993 has gained an incredible amount of popularity in the past years, especially on Instagram where she has over 11 million followers which actively follow her and don’t doubt to share their impressions of how awesome this fitness girl looks.


Considered as an innovator in the social media, Selter definitely can be listed among the best fitness influencers worldwide. Her fitness journey started in her early high school years and still goes on  – even more dramatically. After confronting big personal challenges, Jen found the stress-relieving place right in the gym. And it was definitely the greatest decision ever since her supportive and friendly trainers made her what she is today: a strong, motivating and adorable beauty that captures the hearts of millions.

Recently, she threw out an 8-week program which consists a 40 minutes workout in 5 days and has the goal to gain booties, burn calories and shred excess fat and ultimately: tone and tighten the body.  Since Selter is known as a sincere, open-minded personality, the results should be visible for the ones who stick to this plan. In the meantime, her Instagram photos should be just enough for a plain motivation for the ones that want to enter the world of fitness.
Selter’s social profiles scream out health, strength and an unimaginable sexiness.


Instagram @jenselter

10. Anna Victoria

Another fitness star – Anna Victoria rocks on the social networks through her amazing looks, her body-positive attitude and the transformation technics which she now shares with the world.
After launching the 12-week FIT body guides program, she made a lot of fuss in the fitness world. Her life philosophy is simple, yet appealing: it’s not how you look outside, but how you feel on the inside. If this is correct, then this diva must be feeling pretty well on the inside, since her looks scream with beauty and her perfectly toned muscles just make you go out and head the gym.


Her personal website; her social profiles and the tons of interviews given for popular magazines and TV shows tell us a lot about this beauty. The FBG program which she built a few years ago has a regime for each one of her followers. The 4-month meal plans and training guides, the grocery lists she strongly advises, the recipe books, the workout programs made for busy people: all of these prove that Anna Victoria is pretty serious in her fitness success and obviously knows what she is presenting to the world.
Her Instagram posts, on the other side, show her mental attitude towards practicing fitness. As she recently published: the change of the phrase “I don’t have time” with “it’s not my priority” lies in the secret to success in many areas, one of which is the physical workout. If you say – “My health is not my priority” you will surely find yourself stuck in the middle of the sentence and think twice about your decision for today’s workout practice.
This motivational and totally life-changing approach of Anna Victoria looks like it will be followed with a lot more success in near future.

Instagram @annavictoria

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