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great liquor cocktail main gin

Drinking during daytime: Choose smart

You have probably been in a situation where no matter which time of the day it is – you simply need a glass of tasty alcoholic drink. Still, it’s almost certain that you don’t feel quite comfortable in moments like these – merely because of the fact that we live in a world where drinking – even responsible drinking is usually associated with parties, dinners and other special occasions.
But still, each one of us feels a bit rebellious from time to time, and simply wants to run away from the everyday life with a glass of specially selected brand – even at noon.

Once you got this idea at 9 or 10 AM and it doesn’t go away from your mind – the next thing you probably start thinking of is: what is the closest liquor store near me open now? While in fact, this is an excellent starting point, the most appropriate drink during daytime?

Best daytime drinks

You don’t have to be a professional drinker in order to know which the best and most sophisticated drinks are that a guy or a girl should enjoy during the evenings, at parties or after formal meetings. Still, when it comes to daytime drinking – things become trickier.

Still, there are some unwritten rules that can give you a direction when you head the closest liquor store open near you and start preparing you before – noon drink. The rule of a thumb says the earlier it is – the lighter it should be. This counts for liquors as well. No matter if you are a strong-taste lover or just the opposite, it’s a fact that a light refreshing alcohol is most suitable for daytime – such as some great cocktail made of a gin and grenadine mix – all put up together with some lemons and ice.

great liquor cocktail main gin

Choosing the Pink Lady cocktail, therefore, is usually a choice number one for this type of situation.

If you are still shy enough not to buy strong drinks at the first moment your nearest liquor shop opens, do the following trick: mix some ice tea and lemonade and add a bit of your previously stored vodka, and voila: you will get the perfect John Daly cocktail that is as refreshing and as tasty as it can be, especially during summertime.

For those of you who can’t adore the rough taste of salsa sauce mixed with a special selection of vodka – the answer is obvious: choosing a Bloody Mary is the right thing to do.

In case you are not a fan of cocktails and insisting on some straight drink that will brighten up your day even a bit, just check your home bar and find the thing that you usually use for a starter at those home parties of yours – and use it as a perfect daytime choice.


In fact – when the time has come, and you feel the urge to loosen up by adding a small dose of distilled beverage while the sun is still shining, there actually can’t be a wrong choice.
Just enjoy yourself, and drink responsibly.