The Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

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Adopting or bringing a puppy into your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, if you are new to this pet business, you should know the dog breeds for first-time owners that we will list through the following lines. In this way, you will have the opportunity to hit the nail on the head when the time comes to choose that little animal that will become your companion and friend.

Before knowing which are some of the best dogs for first-time owners, remember that there are dog breeds for protection, that are also family dogs.

What are the best breeds to have your first dog?

If there are thousands of races, how can you choose only one? When it comes to thinking about a dog breed, of course, you have to think about yourself as well. How much free time do you have? Based on this answer, you will know if you can tell a dog with a lot of energy or not enough hours. How much space do you have? Living in an apartment with a Saint Bernard is not the same as living with a Chihuahua! Do you want to live with a more independent or very affectionate dog? Fortunately, each breed of dog has a relatively predictable energy level, size, and need for grooming. Although every dog ​​is different, there are personality traits associated with different breeds of starter dogs. These traits can help you select a dog that suits your family and home. Here are some of the many dog breeds suitable for first-time owners.

We could name many more but here are some possibilities when choosing the breed for your first dog:

  1. Golden retriever

It is one of the favourite good dogs for the first-time owner of families. The Golden Retriever is characterized by being intelligent, easy to train, and friendly. You must bear in mind that your physical training is essential to maintain your physical condition.

It is one of the friendliest dogs for beginners you can find and if you are a first-time there will be no way to go wrong if you choose Golden Retrievers.

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese dog Mountaineer, also known as Bernese, is ideal for the first race because it is characterized by large, calm and above all, playful.

Although their size can be deceiving, these dogs for the first-time owner are extremely gentle and affectionate with their owners, but also with strangers.

Due to their size, it is preferable to keep them in open spaces. If you meet this condition, choose this breed of dog and you will not regret it.

  1. Beagle           

Beagles are small, but they are full of vitality and energy. They are friendly with family and strangers and can be seen with people of different ages without any problem.

They are usually one of the best dog breeds for first-time owners because they do not demand too much and it will not be a problem to train them.

  1. Cocker spaniel

We are faced with an extremely affectionate and family-loving first-time breed that also has no problem staying alone and gets along well with all family members.

By having a good temperament, the Cocker Spaniel will be comfortable doing any type of activity. He is always alert and ready to play and you should keep in mind that these dogs love to exercise.

  1. Poodle

The poodle is a breed known to all and quite versatile. It is available in three sizes: toy, medium, or giant. They are all highly intelligent dogs for first-time owners that respond well to training. The poodle needs you to brush its hair regularly to keep the coat curly and continuously growing. Poodles are very energetic good dogs, they need exercise and mental stimulation. With proper care, you are likely to find a wonderful companion in this breed. The poodle is very adaptable to its environment and can do very well in most homes, including those with children.

  1. Yorkshire

If what you are looking for is a companion that will not separate from you, the Yorkshire Terrier is a great dog breed for first-time owners. However, you must be attentive to the grooming needs of this breed. Yorkies need regular brushing and trimming. If you have the time, it will be quite easy to keep your Yorkshire terrier in good condition. This breed has a moderate energy level and only needs basic exercise from daily walks. Yorkies also need a solid base of training, otherwise, these little good dogs can become very stubborn. If you train your Yorkshire you will get a friend forever. This breed is affectionate towards its owner and can even act protective of strangers.

All these dog breeds make the best first dogs and best dogs to own. Now it’s up to you to decide which dog breed would fit your personality and home.