10 Best Dog Breeds for Protection

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If we want a guard dog and defense dog, we must make sure that it knows how to behave in any situation, in the presence of children, strangers, or other animals. That is, socialization is as important in our friend as obedience training. The guard dog must learn to distinguish a dangerous situation from one that is not, and should only initiate the attack by responding to our command.

The best guard dog breeds with a genetic predisposition to guard and protection. They have to be very balanced and well-socialized security dogs, in addition to being subjected to good training and constant training.

Guard and protection, defense dogs usually have a considerable size and strength to be able to carry out their work, since they must be able to physically impose themselves on the individual who generates the dangerous situation. However, you must remember that it is still a living being and a companion. If all you want from him is to protect your property, you better install an alarm system.

The dog requires a series of care and should be a member of the family since they are family guard dogs. You will have to interact and play with him and provide him with opportunities to perform the exercise he needs.

There are different breeds of good guard dogs and each of them has been selected for specific purposes.

Your physical appearance is important. While some large family guard dogs look friendly while still being excellent at their protection job, in general, an imposing physical appearance will ward off potential intruders. You also have to take into account the fame of the breed: a dog known socially as a defense dog will command more respect than one that is not. The color of hair also influences the degree of intimidation. Studies have shown that a black or dark-colored dog is more intimidating.

Protective dogs howl and bark at a threat. The howls serve to alert his pack (which is us) and the barks to warn the intruder to leave the place. The moment where the intruder thinks this is an attack dog, he’ll be far ahead.

What are the best dogs for protection?

A good recommendation is that you inform yourself well about the most suitable breeds for guard and defense, to find the best dog for you. It is recommended that you train him for surveillance. If you are doing it for defense, seek help from a professional so as not to cause dangerous situations or unfortunate attacks.

Make sure that you can provide your dog with everything he needs and that you have the necessary qualities to exercise strong leadership. If not, you’d better choose a different breed.

Next, we will present a list of some of the best dogs for protection, and best home defense dogs. They are generally medium or large breeds, intelligent and balanced.

  1. The German Shepherd

It is a great sheepdog, very functional. It is an excellent choice to defend your home. It is a great companion for the whole family and gets along very well with children, it will protect you from any danger. It’s one of the home protections dogs. Very obedient and easy to train. It will make a great guard and defense dog and also a calm and loving companion. Of course, it requires leadership skills and must be well trained.

  1. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an ideal animal if you are looking for a dog for both company and protection. He is very intelligent, very cheerful, and has a very balanced character. His athletic appearance makes him a great guardian. What’s more, it is one of the favorite races when it comes to being part of the security forces and bodies, working in defense and protection of society.

  1. The Boxer

Although somewhat smaller than the previous two, it is a security dog of about 30 kg. He is a playful dog and he likes children. Also, he has a strong protective instinct. It is more suitable as an alert dog than a defense dog, since being so affectionate, it makes friends with everyone. However, he will not hesitate to protect you and will act aggressively in front of strangers if necessary, to take care of his own. You are very energetic and need to exercise every day. Also, it requires strong leadership. If you do not see yourself as capable of imposing yourself on him, it is better that you choose a smaller and more manageable dog.

  1. The row or Brazilian mastiff

It is an affectionate dog but extremely ferocious with intruders that enter its territory. This dog was used to control slaves who escaped from sugar plantations. It will instinctively patrol its entire territory. It requires great leadership skills and you have to know very well which dog you have.

  1. The Doberman

It is one of the most intelligent protective dogs in the world. He has an exceptional sense of hearing and is immediately alert to the situation. Very energetic, you need a lot of exercises. He is very sensitive and affectionate with his people, but very fierce when faced with threats. You must have a high leadership capacity and have it very well trained.

  1. Rottweiler

It is a dog of great size and strength, with a lethal bite. You must know very well what kind of dog it is. It requires that you be an exceptional leader and have it perfectly trained. Keep in mind that this is a single-owner dog and you must make it distinguish between visitors and intruders. You need a lot of exercises. It can be a very dangerous dog if it is not well trained and is not mentally balanced.

  1. Sheepdogs.

Shepherd dogs are very versatile, as they are very intelligent and respond very well to training. The border collie is one of the most intelligent home protection dogs in the world and is highly recommended to be with children. Although it is a perfect dog to care for and lead livestock, it can be a good defense dog when trained. It is not large, but it does have a lot of courage and intelligence. It is designed to resolve conflicts and think of alternatives. He does not hesitate to pounce on predators that threaten his livestock. It blends in very well with humans, establishing strong bonds. It requires a good leader and constant and effective training. He is very nervous and tends to obsess over things. It’s known for being the best home defense dog, family guard dog, one of those protection breeds of dogs.

  1. Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd, in its four varieties (Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, and Tervuerense) is very intelligent and is always alert to situations that occur in its environment. It is a very affectionate dog with the family. It is an excellent guard dog. They do not trust strangers and good socialization is necessary to avoid problems. With acquaintances, he is very friendly. He loves to be in the company of his owners and does not cope well with loneliness. He is a dog that needs a lot of mental stimulation and responds excellently to obedience training. It is very often used as a police dog.

  1. Akita

The Akita is perfect if we want to have only one dog or have a partner due to its leader status. He is very affectionate and also very loyal to the people he is close to, but at the same time, he is very territorial and marks a lot of distance from those he does not know. For all the above, it is an excellent guardian and, also, it only barks when it perceives something truly strange. Its stamina and strength are extraordinary, so it is not a dog that is made for everyone. Likewise, you need to channel your energy through exercise, so you have to dedicate time to it. He likes to be given new challenges and is happy to do new tasks.

  1. Bullmastiff

Another of the best guard dog breeds is the Bullmastiff. However, this is not incompatible with the fact that he is also affectionate and familiar with those close to him. Many people fear him because of his large, muscular build, which is why he defends his home so well from strangers. He barely barks, and if he has good socialization, we will not have any problem regarding his behavior.

These natural guarding dogs are the best home defense dogs, family guard dogs, security dogs, home protection dogs, protection breeds that are the best watchdogs. Undoubtedly, you’ll be feeling safe with them.