Daily Horscope: Taurus (20. IV – 20. V)

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Friday, April 17, 2020
Today will teach you to forgive and forget. Thanks to your ability, you will remove a heavy burden from your back. Some Tauruses will finally heal the wounds of their hearts and move on with their lives.

Look at the sky, stand in the sun, get out in the fresh air … All of this will make you feel alive again.

General characteristics of a Taurus

The sensitive Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. If you are born in this sign, then you love good food, romance and beautiful things. Venus sharpens your five senses to a higher level, so you are happiest when you are surrounded by the best – satin sheets, gourmet dinners, a glass of red wine. You are very sensitive and enjoy life and the physical pleasures that come your way.

Like the Taurus, you work very hard and are the most persistent sign in the horoscope. You operate at two speeds – either you are completely relaxed or “head forward” towards the goal.

Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio. Scorpio wants to inherit the benefits of others, and the Taurus values ​​personal benefits the most. Your most negative trait is your tendency to own the most luxurious items. It can lead to extremes, especially when you decide that an object should be yours, which makes you materialistic in the eyes of others.

As a representative of earthly signs, you adore outdoor activities. Strong and muscular – you want to show your strength. In love, you are very romantic, loyal, but also very jealous. You always know what you want and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. You adhere to your views and do not change them unless there is a good enough reason for it.

You know how to be stubborn, but the good thing is that you are a loyal person that everyone can count on. Just be careful not to get stuck in your safe zone forever and your life will start to stagnate. Take a risk and try something new! Sometimes change and risk can bring about the progress and benefits you want.


The power of will, hardness, stability, endurance, sensitivity, concreteness, music.


Venus – the planet of beauty and love.

Week of the week:

Green and blue.

2 and 6.

Aquamarine, emerald.

The best professions:
Singers, musicians, orators, administrators, accountants, gardeners, environmentalists, veterinarians, economists, bankers.

To make friends with them:
Do not oppose their ideas! Often invite them to a place to eat together.

Part of the body:
Neck, throat, jaw.

Good features:
Patient, practical, careful with money, responsible, organized, romantic, careful, dedicated, caring, always ready to give moral support, good cooks.

Bad features:
Too lenient, stubborn, slow, lazy, stubborn, vain, too cautious, cheap, envious, jealous, materialistic.

Features you will know:
Deep and sentimental eyes; long and elegant neck; characteristic jaw.

Favourite things:
Photography, mountains, good music, good food, satin sheets.

Things they hate:
Hotels, mornings, dirty things, be in a hurry, wasting money.

You can find them:
Comparing prices when buying luxury items; singing in a band or choir; doing three things at once; exhibiting paintings in an art gallery.

Hidden wish:
Have the best!