Clogging Milk Channels – The Most Difficult Part Of Becoming A Young Mother

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One of the problems that can happen to a mother who is breastfeeding can cause blockage of milk channels.


Then milk cannot freely flow through canals and becomes clogged. At this point, the mother under her arm may feel node, and the skin will be slightly red.

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The reasons can be numerous:


  • Fatigue with mother
  • Bad position of the baby at the breast
  • Big distance between feedings
  • Double bottle after feeding
  • Often using a pacifier
  • Wearing uncomfortable bras that can be pressed in the mammary gland
  • Pinching breast during sleep


The first step towards solving the problem of the rest. Mothers often, in addition to commitments with the baby, have obligations and about the household. In such moments, we should slow down the pace, spend more time with the baby in a relaxing atmosphere. Then you should take advantage of the situation and give the baby more often to suck. To blocked milk duct was passable, it is desirable to provide a breast during the night.

It is only the lactation milk and milk channel release will be free to go through the same. At a feeding, you should install the baby so that her chin is facing the clogged place because her chin so massaged constipation. The baby then should more include the areola.

What really helps with the blockage is the putting warm compresses on the painful area before feeding. You can take a tetra diapers you’ll warm up by a dampened with warm water, or across that a hot iron. You can fill a bowl with hot water and plunge into her breast.

When you are so warm up your breast, put your baby to suck on during feedings gently massage the critical point.

When the baby has finished sucking at the place put a cold compress.

When you’re in the shower, soapy hands can massage the blocked duct, and thus the shower pass over the painful places.

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Another type of coating can be used, which is a sheet of fresh cabbage. Its juice helps with blockage of canals, overflow or when removing a breast lump. What you need to do is to remove the vein of cabbage, soften it a rolling pin or a glass bottle, depending on what you have, and put it on the sore spot. The lining of cabbage should not hold more than two hours continuously.

When blockage of the ducts should get the rid unpleasant bra. It is best to use ordinary cotton bras that are specifically designed for women who are breastfeeding. Today you can find them in every well-equipped shop for babies.

The mother needs and to ensure a good position of the baby during breastfeeding and as often suck at the breast where the blocked duct.

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