Chinese Horoscope 2020: What will the Year of the Rat bring you?

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Chinese Horoscope 2020: What will the Year of the Rat bring you?

Today, the Chinese wish themselves a “Happy New Year”, welcoming the Chinese New Year, which will last until February 12, 2021. According to the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Metal Rat.

The rat is the first of the 12th signs that make the Chinese zodiac. 2020 will be a year of new beginnings, renewal and rebirth in every area of life – from love to work. We must be constantly on the move and inaction, we must not allow ourselves to be lazy and miss the wonderful chances that will appear before us. Successes will come to us with BOOM – suddenly and unexpectedly, but everyone will be able to see them.

Although hard work will bring us a lot of money, the money will easily run out of our wallets, and saving will be a kind of illusion. The rat loves to worship and material things, so we will often live on bigfoot and do everything in the style of stars. If something is both practical and eye-catching, we shouldn’t resist it.

This is a great year to buy real estate, start your own business and invest money. However, all our steps should be carefully planned in advance.

2019 has brought us all unpredictable events in love, but 2020 will be a peaceful and harmonious year. The key to building a strong love union is in good communication.

The Year of the Rat will make us believe that anything is possible, that we all create our own destiny, and that we can be the person we want to be. This will be a strong prosperous and happy year for almost all signs.


Follow your dreams, they can become a reality in the coming year, which will be great and important for you. A new 12-year cycle begins in which you will want to leave behind everything that has been done in the past years. You simply will not want to do the old things and focus on new energy, new experiences, new people, new places. Travel will be on the agenda of all representatives of this sign.

A sea of opportunities will appear before you in the Year of the Rat. The ideal period for the change is the first trimester.

Just as rats open their way no matter what, you will be able to break through wherever you want, enter every heart and conquer every person you want. Expect big changes in the home and family. Relocation or renovation is possible.


Although most of the year your focus will be on work, love will not lag behind. You will be much more spontaneous than last year. Excitement will overwhelm you, and you will be prone to love experiments. Many representatives of this sign will not want to enter into a permanent relationship but have short but sweet fun adventures. However, if you meet someone with the potential for a long-term relationship, show them the right person from the beginning and be proud of who you are.

It is possible to find your soulmate in outdoor activities. Go out more often. Travel, hiking, hiking, cycling, camping.

If you’re in a relationship, don’t let your career get in the way of your personal life and shorten your time with your partner. You have to listen to your wishes and needs, but also the wishes and needs of the loved one.

Career and money

Plant the seeds whose fruits you want to collect in the coming years. The Year of the Rat will bring you a number of opportunities, especially if you are striving for change like a new job, a new field of work, new associates, new skills and the like.

The keyword for success this year is ACTION. In the year ruled by the Rat, there is no time for laziness, outbursts and nonsense. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen and achieve the desired goals – you have to roll up your sleeves and fight for it. Take your chances, don’t succumb to obstacles, just don’t stop trying. The rat is cunning, wise, successful and brilliant when it comes to finding solutions to problems, which means you can easily overcome obstacles.

You will enjoy great relationships with colleagues and co-workers, so whenever you need help or advice, you will get them. Your reputation will improve, and you will feel powerful.

If you are looking for a job, you will have many opportunities, but also great competition. Don’t worry, you just need to show your talents and abilities to leave your competitors behind.


The brilliant year begins for you, shine in full splendour. In 2020, you will have a number of chances to show your qualities and increase your earnings. Do not blink, wonderful events will overwhelm your life but they will take away your relaxation time.

You need to learn to take more care of yourself and your health. Stop working extremely hard without any rest, get quality sleep, eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, give up those bad habits.

Friends will play an important role in your life. Their support, encouraging words, and love will give you a sense of omnipotence.

Now you have to decide which things to take with you next year, which will be your year, and which you will let fall along the way.


You will definitely have a more romantic year than before. You will feel attractive, but that does not mean that you will stop striving to improve your appearance. The Year of the Rat is like a creation for style and figure changes. If you want to lose weight, change your hair colour, refresh your style or improve your posture, just go ahead.

Love, at first sight, will happen to some representatives of the sign of the Wall. Stop looking for the perfect one for you in infinitely distant locations, it is close to you and you will soon meet it. Do not believe the speculation and gossip in March – false information may reach your ears.

If you are in a long-term relationship or marriage, it is possible that third parties or your ex-boyfriend will ruin your harmonious relationship with your partner. However, there is one powerful weapon that will help you win every battle – good communication. Talk openly and honestly with your loved one.

Some couples will decide to take the next step – engagement or marriage. Expect a romantic and passionate year if you are already married.

Career and money

Do you think that 2019 was a successful year for you? Wait! In fact, 2020 will bring you the desired results from hard work in the past, probably in the past decade. This is the last year of your 12-month cycle or harvest period. Rapid career advancement, recognition, compliments from people in high positions are the near future of many born in the sign of the buffalo.

Fantastic months for financial prosperity are at an all-time high. Profit is guaranteed. However, before making decisions about investing money, consult with experts. You expect a busy and extremely rich year if you have a job related to real estate, insurance or consulting services.

You need to stay away from colleagues who destroy your work motivation or set obstacles for you.

Some of you will sign an extremely important agreement this year. It can be about buying a new home, a new job, collaborating … You have to read every word carefully before putting your signature on paper.


Live the way you want to live, not the way others want you to be. The Year of the Rat will make you stop pleasing everyone and start striving to make your wishes come true. It is a mistake to compare 2020 with the year you left behind because in this one you will feel like a completely new person. Don’t leave anything to chance, but don’t rush things.

Pack the suitcase with unnecessary things and throw them away. Why continue to hang out with people who make you tense and keep things that make you sad this year? Focus on the important and get rid of the unimportant.

It will seem to you that you have the power to predict the future because you will anticipate the events ahead. Your intuition will be strong, so often spend time alone in silence to hear your inner voice. Dreams will also be important to you, so don’t ignore their meaning.


You will think that your heart can explode with love with each passing day of the Year of the Rat. Passion will be present in every part of your body.

Someone like you will catch your eye if you’re single. Someone who will possess much of your characteristics and interests. For you, your expression “Opposites are attracted” will not be attractive, because only those born in Tiger will be attracted to the similarities. Do not be surprised if you fall for the charm of another Tiger or a friend with whom you have always agreed perfectly.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, communication with your partner will be amazing, and even if you encounter obstacles, you will skip them holding hands. You will want your partner to see the best you have. And that is exactly what will happen. Don’t repeat past mistakes if you’re in a relationship. This is a great year to have a baby.

In the Year of the Rat, abrupt changes in love status are possible. If you see a wave coming towards you, take the surfboard so that you are not overwhelmed by it. If you have marital problems, do something about it. Maybe it’s time for marriage consultations, maybe it’s time to really stop and listen to each other, to check what the other person needs…

Career and money

Take advantage of the opportunities ahead of you. The more you believe in your abilities, the more success you will have. Happiness will be on your side and will arrive in your career in the form of promotion. However, do not expect major changes in the figure of the bank account, the Year of the Rat never thicken your wallet.

You need to take full care of your relationship with your colleagues and superiors because they are the ones who can be responsible for your progress. Don’t be surprised if someone you consider a fierce competitor suggests promotion or praises behind your back.

Are you up to date with technology? In the coming year, you have to be, so if you feel you are lagging behind in this area, upgrade yourself.


The coming year will be a continuation of the previous one, but in 2020 you will achieve the goals you set last year. You will know exactly what you are doing and you already have the skills you need to succeed. Forget about modesty, shine in the most powerful edition ever.

You will be happy to welcome the many friends who will make your social life heterogeneous, colourful and interesting this year. Don’t be afraid to date new people.

The Year of the Rat will make you change a lot of your routines and improve your sleep quality. Try to spend more time in the open air than in front of the screens. Increase the intensity of your workouts, but the most important thing is to find something that will relax you when you are under stress. Make the necessary health check-ups, especially if you are not feeling well.

You will find the greatest happiness if you make the desired changes in your appearance. Set aside more time and energy to create the desired look and self-confidence that will help you shine every day.


A terrible year is ahead for all representatives of the Rabbit sign. If you are looking for a new relationship, you will definitely find the love of your life. Enrich your social life, go out more often to parties and events outside the home. No doubt you will find someone who will give you the love you deserve. Be unpredictable in your relationship with him. Spontaneity will be attractive.

Those born in Rabbit who already have a partner will connect with him on a deeper level. You will sincerely begin to care about his desires and needs. If you see that he is not happy with your actions, you will not try to change his character, but yours.

Don’t settle for less than your full potential when it comes to dating. Romantic evenings will be unforgettable and always filled with the things you love – gifts, happiness, compliments for the look. Do not rush to answer his questions. The most romantic period will be the spring/summer season.

Career and money

Don’t risk the Year of the Rat, play it safe. If you want something strong, arm yourself with the skills you need to achieve it.

Good communication in the workplace will be the key trump card for success. Collaborate with colleagues, build closer relationships and awaken the team player in yourself. This is a year when you should prefer collaborations.

If you have taken out a loan in the past and that debt has weighed heavily on your back, you will pay off it soon. Strive more for saving and less for spending. Some of you will start selling clothes, furniture or items that you no longer use to make money.


With luck on your side, 2020 is not going to be beautiful for you. Wonderful events await you both in love and in your career, so you will feel much calmer when you think about your future. Ugh, what a relief!

he Year of the Rat is a year of novelty, experimentation and curiosity. New home, new friends, new partner, new address, new look … All this is possible for you in the next 12 months.

Face the things that you are constantly pushing and that you never have time for. Don’t let disorganization slow down your progress. You need to learn to take more care of yourself, especially when it comes to sleep. Create an atmosphere that suits you to give yourself the necessary rest – darken the room, remove the technology from the bedroom, sleep in cotton clothes …


Social life will ignite thanks to the many new friends who will enter it. Event after event, party after party, you will expand your network of contacts, among which will be the special person who will win your heart. Accept invitations to go out, go to love meetings, even if they are “blind”. True love will definitely be born this year.

Your intuition will be very strong when it comes to your partner, so it will seem to you that you can communicate with him without saying a word. Add more excitement to the relationship and keep the passion to the maximum. Forget monotony, diversify your days with new things. This is the perfect year for planning a pregnancy. Some of you will be happy to see a new member of the family arrive.

However, while some representatives of your sign will rejoice in a magical relationship like a fairy tale, others will decide to break up with a partner they no longer love.

Career and money

The coming year will take you to the top and reward the hard work you put in over the years. Keep showing off your talents, advancement is much closer than you think.

Although you may want to work on your own, teamwork and connecting with your colleagues are preferable. It is possible that your colleague or friend will suggest you for a higher position and be the reason for your rise among the stars.

Changes in your workplace are inevitable. It is possible to get a new boss, change position or start a professional career in a completely different field, be involved in a project that will change your life … If you own your own business, it is possible that it will grow into a large and reputable company.

This is also the year you will focus on increasing your earnings and accepting a job offer. Some representatives of the Dragon sign will rejoice at passive earnings, perhaps from the lottery or other game of chance. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money.


Welcome to one of the most beautiful years for you. Opportunities will be everywhere, which means you can have whatever you want. All you have to do is reach out and pick up what you need. The best thing you can do at the beginning of the Year of the Rat is to create a wish list, and the universe will make it happen to you.

Many “stubborn” obstacles that you could not overcome last year, will now easily fall in front of you, and you will feel free to enjoy doing what you want.

You will feel the greatest satisfaction when you are with old good friends, but also when you expand your social circle. Everything that is done in a group, in a team or in an organization will make you happy. Go out and join your neighbours or fellow citizens in an action for a cleaner environment or in organizing a charity event.

You have to be careful while driving.


Is this possible? You will be surprised your life turns red. If you are looking for a new love, you will find it DEFINITELY. Frequent outings, take care of your online profiles, dress up and enjoy life. A happy person is also an attractive person.

It is very important to forget about past relationships, to sew your wounds and to erase from your head the memories that stand in the way of a new happy beginning. Do not compare those you meet in the coming year with those you knew in the past. You have too much intuition, so there is no chance of making a mistake when choosing a new partner. Believe in yourself.

Increased emotionality will help you deepen your relationship with your loved one and get even closer.

The coming year has been created to expand the family. Some representatives of the Snake will find out that they are pregnant, others will ask for help related to fertility, others will decide to adopt a child. If you are not planning to have a baby, use protection.

Career and money

Last year was difficult for you and although you worked hard, you probably didn’t get much in return. The Year of the Rat will be completely different and show you that labour never goes unrewarded. It will be like a rainbow after a storm. Collect the fruits of the planted seeds.

Creativity will help you make the most of your career. The coming year is perfect for artists and artists. It is possible to finish the book you are writing, to paint a masterpiece, to start a project that will awaken your imagination and so on.

You will be extremely intuitive this year during negotiations and agreements. You will know exactly when to increase the price and when to deviate and say “OK”. You will easily recognize people who are trying to manipulate you and you will not allow them.

If you have an old debt, you will pay it off in the Year of the Rat and start saving. Give away the urge to spend a lot of money on things you don’t need. Low costs will not be a problem for you this year.


The Year of the Rat will not be easy for you. Yes, you will have many opportunities, but they will not come without challenges. Use your wisdom and perseverance to turn those challenges into chances. You need to love what you do.

You are a popular person and you are usually used to getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, in the coming months, you will feel neglected and neglected. This is the year when everyone will look at the other end of the zodiac, the Rat, ignoring your presence. Speak loudly, tap your feet, be persistent if you want to be noticed and heard. Those who give up easily will have the hardest year.

Because this will be a busy and active year for you, you will need a lot of energy. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink fluids and take the vitamins you need.

You will be extremely intuitive when it comes to your health. If you feel that something is not working properly in your body, go and do the necessary examinations.


You have to fight for what you want in the next 12 months. If you like someone, flirt with him, send him a friend’s message, write “Hello” on social media … Don’t be passive, do something. Many Single Horse representatives will meet someone who will arouse feelings they have never felt before. It is possible to fall in love with a person who does not fit into the previously set criteria.

The couples will form an extreme bond this year. You will feel the biggest changes in your communication. You will support each other with your partner like never before, and your closeness will result in bringing the relationship to the next level. Pregnancy, engagement and marriage are possible for you.

The Year of the Rat will bring some changes to the Horse sign in the home. It could be relocating or renovating, or someone might move in or move out of your home. Many will start looking for an alternative to working from home.

Career and money

The Year of the Rat will bring you the desired career advancement opportunities, but you will have to do your best to take advantage of them. If you are looking for your first job, you will get it! If you are looking for a higher job position, you will soon get a promotion! However, this will not happen if you are passive and do nothing. Apply for the desired job positions, increase your skills, highlight your talents.

Thanks to hard work, many born in this sign will expand their business and improve their customer image. Be careful if you sign contracts, legal issues are possible.

You will have wonderful ideas, but they may not attract the attention you expect. If so, don’t give up. People don’t listen to you? Speak louder! Does anyone answer your questions? Set them up again! You don’t buy products? Advertise them! Do what you do, just don’t give up. If you can’t do it alone, associate with like-minded people and “raise dust” together. Fighting will bring you the resources you need to realize your ideas.


Your life will change in the coming year, which will bring you new opportunities in every field. You are a person who always cares too much about other people, but to do so this year, you will have to take care of yourself first. Be gentle when talking to yourself in front of the mirror, don’t judge yourself too harshly for mistakes and love yourself for who you are. Follow your passion, it will take you where you belong.

Health may be a concern for you, so make an effort to change that. Do exercise as part of your daily routine, eat healthy and balanced, avoid stressful situations … It is better to prevent than to cure.

This is the year when you will continue to clear the negative of your life so that it does not prevent you from achieving your goals. Privacy will be very important to you, so keep your secrets as the most precious thing. At no time will you give people the information they can use to hurt you, and that will make you happy.


The coming months will bring you many opportunities to find happiness in love, regardless of your current status. Representatives of the sign of the Goat always fall in love most strongly and most clearly in the Year of the Rat. Wonderful new people will fight for your heart, but you have to choose the one who not only loves you the most but also the one who is not afraid to show it to you and who makes you laugh out loud. You will quickly lose interest in passive and monotonous people.

Changes will occur in many relationships. If you are happy with your partner, you will decide to get married or have a child together. You will literally feel blessed to be with each other, flying in the seventh heaven. Many of you will plan a romantic trip that will remind you of the strong passion from the beginning of the relationship. However, while some of you will enjoy harmony, others will decide to say “Goodbye” to a partner who no longer makes them happy.

Intuition will be the strongest in your relationship with your partner and your children. All you have to do is look them in the eye to read their intentions, to see if they are happy or something is wrong with their lives, if they want to tell you the truth or not. That way you can reach out to them when they need help.

Career and money

In front of you is a productive year in which you will tear down the mountains that lie ahead of you, spreading your horizons. You will discover opportunities that you have never seen before. Your creativity will be at its maximum, so if you have a job related to design or art, expect an extremely successful and fruitful year.

Changes in business partnerships are ahead of many representatives of your brand. If you are entering into a new partnership, you must be very careful when putting your signature on paper. Read what has been written several times. Prepare very well if you have a legal dispute ahead of you to make sure you are a winner, not a winner.

You will not have financial problems this year. You will have many opportunities for additional earnings, and passive winnings are possible, for example, from games of chance. However, you must plan your budget carefully. You may even be able to pay off an old debt that has been a big burden for you for a long time.


Already looking to the future with more optimism? Hooray! That is what will bring you the coming year. Opportunities will be all around you, but you must not allow yourself to be distracted so as not to miss something wonderful that is happening in front of your nose.

You will want to be with everyone everywhere. Fortunately, if there is a sign that you can handle these challenges, it is yours. But just because you’re capable of multitasking doesn’t mean you can do 10 things at once. You need to make a list of the things that are most important to you and focus all your energy on them.

The Year of the Rat encourages you to change bad habits with routines that will increase your energy and make you more efficient. Discover where you can set aside time in your physical activity schedule, how you can get more nutrients that will make you energetic, how to reduce the time in front of the screens … to have more strength and time to do what you want.

Changes in your physical appearance will also occur in the next 12 months. That’s great for you because you can finally make the changes you want.


Wonderful events that you will never forget will bring you the coming year. Happiness in love will be on your side and the only obstacles in front of you will be the ones you set for yourself. Increased self-confidence this year will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your love life.

Solo representatives of the Cosa sign will be affected by Cupid’s love arrows when they least expect it. You may be passing by someone and suddenly you may not be able to stop thinking about him, or you may find that you want a relationship with your friend. You will cross paths with the past and begin to wish only the best for your past partners, but you will let them know that it does not involve you.

If you are already in a relationship, you will be much more mature and wiser in communicating with your partner. There will be no more childish behaviour and because of that many problems will disappear from your love life. Spouses will be full of understanding for each other, so they can expect a harmonious year. This is a great year for planning a pregnancy or giving birth to a baby.

Your intuition this year will be the strongest when it comes to your family and your home. If an inner voice tells you that something is wrong with your loved one, don’t ignore it.

This is a great year for having a baby and getting married.

Career and money

You worked hard last year to achieve your goals, and 2020 will be a continuation of that.

You will earn as “crazy”. Not only will your current salary increase, but you will also have the opportunity to earn from side projects and engagements. Those of you who are not happy with the finances you receive will probably decide to change jobs.

However, beware, in the Year of the Rat, you will have to work hard to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.


The Year of the Rat will be wonderful for you – calm and without any obstacles on the way. In the past years, you have worked hard to make sure you have a bright future, and now is the time to enjoy the results of your work.

2020 will expand your horizons and show you that there is a sea of ​​opportunities ahead of you. You have to learn to choose the best for you because you will not be able to use them all at once.

You will fearlessly make changes in your appearance and it is likely that they will be aimed at bringing an element of elegance to your style.

The more optimistic you are, the less stress you will create in the coming year.


Welcome to the year that will increase your popularity and make you seen in your place of residence. It will seem to you that everyone will want to steal a piece of your time and you will not be far from the truth. Frequent outings, change your profile picture on social media, make changes to your look that will boost your self-confidence …

In 2020, you will undoubtedly find a special person who will take down your stars, as you deserve. You will have many opportunities around you, so enjoy courtship and love meetings. It may be unexpected for you to be interested in someone you have sympathized with in the past.

If you are in a relationship, you will enjoy a peaceful period with your partner, but first, you have to learn how the other person works and what makes him happy. Take care of each other. Are you facing misunderstandings in the relationship? The key to harmony is in communication. Look your partner in the eye and start an honest conversation with him. Manipulating and twisting the truth is not a good way to build trust, so prefer honesty.

If you are single, you will be seduced by your care and attention. You will accept people as they are, so they will feel comfortable with you.

Career and money

No, this year you will not want to ride in the back seat and be a passive observer of what is happening at work. You will want to be seen, you will speak clearly and loudly about your brilliant ideas, you will take initiatives and you will be the leader that everyone wants to follow. This is the year when you will present yourself to the world in a powerful version and you will probably build much more authority.

Your presence in the media and on social networks will also increase, and this will improve your image. You will come out of the shadows and you will want everyone to see the amazing work you are doing.

If you are assigned a new project, you must do so with great dedication and attention. Make sure your talents are expressed in front of those of your colleagues. Some of you will find a way to make money from your hobby.

No, in the Year of the Rat, you must not be lazy. In the past, you have worked hard to make sure that the seeds you plant will bear fruit, but now you are working to reap the rewards. Don’t let anyone else gather them in front of you. Grab the profits you will have in abundance.

Don’t gamble!


Have you been waiting for a year that will order the dice in your life, that will show you that everything is fine and that your efforts over the past two years have not been in vain? Here it is, starting now. The Year of the Rat is a time for you to have wonderful opportunities to do something new in every area of ​​life. Changes are coming, welcome them ready.

This is a year when you have to focus on what is hidden inside you, the feelings you are suppressing and your insecurities. Ask yourself what is stopping you and then remove it. Stop blaming yourself for past mistakes and forgive yourself.

Friendships will be an integral part of your daily life and you will enjoy the rich social life. However, you also need to spend more time alone to listen to your inner voice and sort out your thoughts. The subconscious will send you important messages that you should not ignore.

If you are experiencing a health problem, expect improvement in the coming months. Sleep problems are possible.


The rat and the dog have a good relationship and are attracted, which means that in 2020 you will attract a lot of attention from members of the opposite sex and you will have many new suitors. Don’t be content with the first “I love you”, wait, your soulmate will appear. Frequent outings and be part of the big fun events around you. It is possible to fall in love at first sight.

With your partner, you will feel happy and fulfilled in the Year of the Rat. It will not bother you to sacrifice your interests to follow his or your time to help him. The best thing is that he will do the same for you. Always take the time to sit down and talk about what’s bothering you, what’s making you happy, ideas, plans … This is a great time to plan for a child and expand your family.

Unplanned pregnancy is possible for those born in the sign of the Dog. If you do not want to have a child, be careful.

Career and money

In 2020, you will establish a perfect balance between personal and professional life, which is fantastic. You will be a perfectionist in your work and that feature will help you avoid many problems that your colleagues who have not been so careful will face.

Remember those projects that were so important to you, but you couldn’t realize them in the past? Now, give them a chance.

If you are offered a new job, accept it without thinking. The changes will suit you in the next 12 months and you will adapt well to them. However, you will have to make decisions quickly and you will not have much time to think. Otherwise, you may miss your chances.

When it comes to money, in the Year of the Rat you will be able to smell the best deals and the best chances to make a profit. And you won’t mind accepting additional engagements to increase your wealth. If you have an unpaid debt, you will no longer need to worry, because now you will be able to repay everything you owed.


2020 will be amazing for you. You will work hard to get what you want, but the best thing is that you will get it.

Get rid of the old things, the old clothes, the old way of life, the old friends that don’t suit you for a long time … It’s time for new and different things. The best opportunities await you outside of your comfort zone.

Friendships will become especially important to you this year. You will have many opportunities to increase your circle of friends and build a support system that will give you a sense of invincibility. Say “Hello” to the person you are training within the gym, do not ignore the person who is constantly trying to start a conversation with you, go to a cafe with a friend from high school … All these people you accidentally or will not meet are important in the Year of the Rat. It is possible that one of them will offer you a job, introduce you to your soul mate, or reunite you with a powerful person.


Yes, before you is a year of opportunities in every field, even in love. If you are looking for new love, you will undoubtedly find it.

Some born in the sign of Pig will find their soul mate with the help of technology. It can be through an online dating app or through social media. Refresh your profiles with new photos, share something that will highlight your interests, communicate with a wider circle of people.

The couple will have a happy year, although it will not be without challenges. This year, jealousy and possessiveness are possible, leading to quarrels and arguments. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to forgive your partner for his or her past or say goodbye to him or her so as not to let the suspicions “bite” you. The best way to improve your relationship is through communication.

Are you planning a pregnancy? 2020 will make your dream of having a child come true. If you already have your own children, you will be incredibly proud of them as individuals.

Career and money

Your creativity will be huge, but you have to find a way to use it to thrive. If your current job does not allow you to do so, you may need to consider making changes. This is a great year for you if you are an artist or a designer.

You have to keep up with technology this year. If you see your competitor using it as a means to overcome you, improve your skills and strike back. Master the applications and programs you need to progress in your field. You don’t have to know everything, know what can launch you up in your career.

If you plan to change jobs, you will have great luck and many opportunities. Before applying for a new job, analyze your skills to know where you can best perform. It is possible to buy a car or other vehicle this year.