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Numerous well-being chia seeds: they have great nutritional value, the body supplies protein, vitamins (A, B, E and D) and minerals (calcium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc) are an excellent source of fiber, etc… This healthy smoothie recipe is best to prepare in the evening and in the morning when your breakfast is ready.


Preparation of this smoothie:

chia healthy smoothie recipe

  1. Mix milk, chia seeds, coconut and honey. Refrigerate for a few hours, but preferably overnight.
    Before serving, remove from the refrigerator and leave a little at room temperature until ready fruit puree.
  2. For the mashed Blend selected fruit blender(if necessary, add a little honey, if you uses our fruit). Instead of mashed fruit can and finely chopped and used as such.
  3. The glasses or serving bowl put a layer of pudding, then a layer of fruit puree, then a layer of pudding and finished with chopped fruit and sprinkle with coconut. You can eat right away or back in the refrigerator until serving.

Did you know?


Chia seeds are plants from the family of mint. Native to Mexico and Guatemala was essential in the diet of ancient Mayan and Aztec who gave her the name of “Chia”, which at their intended meaning “strong” or “powerful”.


  • 300ml of coconut milk(or optionally)
  • 3table spoons coconut
  • 2table spoons honey
  • fruit of your choice (mango, banana, berries …)

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