Charming 27-Year-Old just became the first woman to visit 196 countries in the world

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The chicest gal in the world, the 27-year-old De Pecol visited each and every country in the world and broke the record for traveling the world in the shortest period of time known till now.

Cassie De Pecol, the 27-year-old girl who has a major in environmental studies took the challenge to become the first female who will visit every sovereign nation in the world – a tour that started in July 2015 and ended on the 2nd of February this year.

Few stats about the Cassie’s travel

The world tour that began in the summer in 2015 ended this year in February with the visit of Yemen, which was the last of her 18 months and 26th-day trip.

The trip, according to Cassie wasn’t easy at all. She actually needed to board over 255 airplanes and needed 5 different passports in order to accomplish her goal. For the sake of time, she needed to cut her stay in each country for up to 5 days and then move on to another country.

At an interview that she gave for; she confessed that she did babysitting in the past few years before beginning the journey so she could start with around 10.000 USD – a sum that was enough for only a small part of the journey. At the very half of the trip, she actually needed to come back home (and tell no one about it) and make a serious money management in order to succeed in her goal.

As she said in this same interview, she had to give up going out for lunches and all types of social life – for the sake of the trip.  Luckily, she managed to raise the funds to go on with the idea and in a short time, she found herself planting trees in over 50 countries – in order to cover her carbon footprint.


Raising the consciousness of “Peace Through Tourism

In an interview Cassie gave for CNN, she confessed that she needed a significant and concrete goal to travel the world, so she took the chance to encourage the idea of sustainable tourism by leaving an imprint in every country she got to visit.

To make this world trip more significant, she became a part of the IITP – an organization which exists since 1986 – the United Nations year of peace; and has the main goal of cultural understanding after terrorist acts. Cassie gave a big impact to IITP by presenting civic leaders by the “Declaration of Peace”, a very important aspect of the IITP’s structure. By doing this, de Pecol became an official ambassador for this organization.

The help from SKAL International is another thing Casey doesn’t forget to mention. This organization is an international group of tourism industry professionals that praise Casey as the ambassador of peace. Being this, she managed to arrange meetings with officials from over 50 countries.

Cassie De Pecol/Image courtesy of The Inertia

The Guinness World Records already recognized her success and today de Pecol holds two records: one for the “fastest time to visit all sovereign countries” and one for the “fastest time to visit all sovereign countries – female”