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December 22nd – January 19th

The Capricorn as an earth Zodiac sign is too obsessed with seeking stability and certainty in life. Most of all signs – he appreciates tradition, family, and anything that is connected to stability and discipline. He is the chef of his self-control and loves when things in his life have order and some kind of logic.

His ruling planet is Saturn that is known as the one to rule out restrictions. This is why this sign takes responsibility for everything he does, but most of the time he stays away from mistakes and is obsessed with doing things the right way.

The true colors of the Capricorn’s character

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The Capricorn is one of the signs where reason and logic dominate their emotions. He is often thought as the emotionless one – cold and focused on traditions only. However, they too have their emotions, but they only express them as needed. They measure every step along the way, especially when it comes to work and professional life. The Capricorns are known as people with a strong will and very influent, people that rarely improvise.

Their skills usually match their character, so these subjects are great at logic sciences such as mathematics, physics, and every engineering field.

These people are very materialistic, and they often act like nothing in the world matters more than their material wealth and all the expensive things they are surrounded with.

Capricorns have a hard time communicating their ideas. They frequently make great solo workers, as communication with a team is a challenge they usually fail.
Their ideal workspace is somewhere they can lock in and work alone for hours with no one to disturb them.

However, people can always count on a Capricorn, no matter what. He is very objective and solves problems easily.
Still, the fact that they isolate themselves every so often, makes them prone to mood changes and states like depression and apathy.

How a Capricorn behaves in love
Winning a male Capricorn’s heart is an easy task to do. All this man needs to know in order to maintain a relationship is that his partner is stable enough to manage his own life and problems without too much drama. Always looking for someone that respects traditional people that don’t act and dress eccentrically. Expecting romantic evenings from a Capricorn is never a good idea, as these people are ashamed of romantic and expressing their emotions.

On the other hand, a female Capricorn is not that easy to catch. She needs to make sure that her partner is sincere and ready to give her his whole love and understanding. These women are very jealous and obsessed with the fidelity of their partners. The only thing that can disrupt their bond is the fact that they feel insecure with a certain someone. In spite of her male partner in the Zodiac, the female Capricorn loves romantics and everything that will show her she is loved.

They make pretty good couples with the Cancers, the Virgos, and the Tauruses. Although uncommon, both male and female Capricorns can live a long and happy life with Pisces, as well.

After all – opposites attract and this is how the Capricorns usually find happiness in love.