Capricorn the Tenth Star Sign

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Some star signs exist in this world to rule and to be the first in everything – no matter the circumstances.

One of these happens to be the Capricorn – the sign identified with the planet of Saturn.

How others would characterize the animal Capricorn is usually careful, lustful and often angry. These traits of the Capricorn are usually found in the subjects that belong to this zodiac sign.

Traditional and trustworthy – the two most obvious traits of the Capricorn

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Many of the star signs of the Zodiac can be traditional in their own ways, but when it comes to a Capricorn – this is something by which you can easily recognize these people. They always live their lives conventionally – both in personal and work life.

Maybe this is the reason why they can be always counted on because they are ultimately trustworthy.

They always want to play safe and they never experiment anything.

Being this serious – he is completely devoted to his family and his work which makes him a great leader or any kind of business manager.

Besides this, the Capricorn is very practical and always strives for the best outcome of whatever he is doing in life. Many problems arise once the Capricorn stands in front of someone who is as successful as he is. His stubbornness is too big to accept that he is sometimes wrong. His nature makes him think that he is the only one who can solve a problem and due to this mindset he often gets in trouble, especially at work.

Devoted and understanding lovers

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If a Capricorn falls in love – he devotes completely to his partner. Both the males and the female subjects act pretty much the same when they are in a serious relationship. The difference between the two is that the male Capricorn is very open and inclined towards the partner, while the female Capricorns tend to be introverted and don’t enjoy too much tenderness. However, they are both very faithful – a great reason why two Capricorns can get pretty well in a relationship.

Entertaining and helpful friends


The Capricorns can be easily recognized in a big group of people by their sense of humor. They are very intelligent and their humor shows it. They love black humor and people who love it. They carefully choose their friends, but once they do, there is nothing that can separate them.

Once they establish a strong friendship – they would do anything for their friends. However – they expect at least something in return and don’t want to get disappointed by the fact that someone uses their helpful and honest nature.

So, what’s bad about a Capricorn?

Besides all these great traits that make him a great worker, a friend and a lover – the Capricorn is very stubborn and often very materialistic. His bossy attitude frequently turns off people that don’t know him a lot. His too-stubborn character can ruin lots of relationships before he even gets aware of his negative trait and before he even tries to fix it.
Learning to cope with this kind of character can be difficult both for him and the other star signs that can’t tolerate stubbornness.

But that’s the reality: no one is perfect, so neither is the Capricorn.