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June 21st – July 22nd

The first among the water signs of the Zodiac – the Cancer is very intuitive and emotional and at the same time the most challenging one when it comes to personal relationships. Alike his partners from the water signs group – he is extremely devoted to his family and his home and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to make his close ones happy and pleased. He is very loyal and empathetic, but, however, it’s not all that ideal for this sign.

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The ups and downs of the Cancer’s character


When one wants to meet the true colors of the Cancer, one must be aware of his ignorant and indecisive parts of his character. The Cancers are big dreamers and if they have the proper inspiration in life – they make great artists, mainly in the areas of music and painting. Their family is their most important world and they will always seek for their approval in everything they are about to do or create. As indecisive as they are – they expect lots of support in order to make big decisions in life. Their complex personality sure does them pretty intriguing for their friends and coworkers.

The Cancer is known as very devoted in terms of work and profession, so they usually make great educators, apart from their creative side.

Their ruling planet is the Moon and this fact makes them act a bit odd towards people who want to enter their world too quickly. No matter how emotional he is – the Cancer will never share his feelings and his dreams with people he doesn’t know well, in fact, he refuses anyone who tries to become their best friend too quickly.

The sensitive points of the Cancer are his stomach and his lungs, so he needs to pay extra attention to this body parts in order to live a long, healthy life.

How a Cancer behaves in love and relationships

The male Cancer is the least seducing of all Zodiac signs. He always leaves the other person to grab his attention and he never makes the first steps. The male subject of this sign always seeks his mother in his love partners and in case he doesn’t find it – he doesn’t break up the relationship but starts cheating with his partner. The main reason why a Cancer can’t survive a relationship is his infidelity that is extremely pronounced especially while younger.

The female Cancer is a bit more different than the males. She is very devoted in a relationship, but the physical and sexual contact means a lot to her – so if this part lacks in her relationship, she will easily step off and go on finding her perfect match.  Once she settles in a relationship, she gets too emotional and over-attached to her partner and often expects the same from him.

These complex personalities of both male and female Cancers make them a great match with the other water signs – the Pisces and the Scorpio, and a bad match with the Taurus and the Leo.