For A Better And Prettier Dream: Food That We Should Eat Before Bedtime

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However, most people get hungry before going to sleep or work late, so they have something to eat before going to bed.

What you should know that certain foods can affect our sleep, as well as boring insomnia.

1. The food you should avoid before bedtime

To start first what should (not to say “Do not”) eat and drink before going to bed.


Although it can be said that alcohol affects the fatigue, it would be better to skip the evening. This also applies to a glass of wine. Alcohol, although it has the power to put down some people, it badly affects the quality of sleep, snoring. In addition to alcohol, avoid drinks with caffeine, as well as sweets. Since sugar only after a few hours of starting to work in our body, it is possible to wake up during the night and that you are no longer asleep, while you will always feel tired in the morning, due to lack of sleep.

2. Food for the termination of waking up during the night

It has already been mentioned above that candy negative impact on sleep and gets us a big dose of sugar can wake up from a dream, even after two hours of sleep. It is important to be hydrated, but do not drink too much water, not to be hungry – low blood sugar is another culprit for waking up during the night. Try to reduce stress, which also affects the quality of sleep and waking.

– Not to be hungry before bedtime, eat: an apple with almond butter;

– To reduce stress before bedtime, eat apricot, as it is enriched with vitamin C, which reduces stress.

3. For lighter dream

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sleep, so it is recommended that a bedtime consumes foods containing this hormone. Start eating healthy for ex. cherries, pumpkin seeds (white seeds) and popcorn. The seeds are also rich in magnesium and that will help your muscles relax, leading to ease of falling asleep, while popcorn rich in serotonin – the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle.

4. Against Snoring

Snoring has never been good, but not pleasant – especially for a person who sleeps next to you. Before going to sleep, eat citrus fruits – lemons, grapefruit, mandarin orange oil because it is rich in vitamin C, which regulates snoring. Just make a salad of fruit or any major change the fruit and eat it as a healthy dinner / snack.

5. Against the bad dreams

Believe it or not, but the food we eat can have an impact on what we dream. Nightmares and less bad dreams are not foreign to anyone, but they still cannot love. Before going to sleep, eat healthy food that is rich white magnesium and so you will ensure yourself a more peaceful sleep.

6. For a better and more imaginative dreams

Interesting, adventurous dreams are great for everyone and unlike nightmares, we love them! For beautiful dreams, eat some cheese for dinner, as well as foods rich in vitamin B6. We recommend healthy smoothie recipes white bananas and milk!