Are You Among Them? These Are The Best Mothers in the Horoscope for 2020

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As a parent, you must provide your child with a home, food, love, and opportunities for growth and development. It is a responsible task and everyone gives their best to fulfill the parental duty as best they can. But some parents are smarter than others. Here is what astrologers say on the subject:

Who are the best mothers of zodiac signs?

1. Pisces

Pisces encourages children to express themselves artistically and to be creative. Pisces mother Pisces is sensitive, imaginative, and will teach children to treat other people with kindness and compassion. Pisces mothers give love, help others, and will show their independent spirit. She may not know how to teach her children to make their dreams come true, but she will give them full support as they try to achieve them on their own.

2. Aries

Aries mothers keep their children’s schedules full of music, sports, various hobbies, social activities, and camps. Meanwhile, Mother Aries herself has a full schedule. She wants her children to be adventurous and not be ashamed to try new things. It encourages children to face all challenges and to fight for what they believe in. These mothers can sometimes be hard on their children, but they listen to them and understand their needs.

3. Gemini

Gemini mothers can talk about everything with their children – they often have conversations. There are no secrets they hide from their children. Their children have excellent communication skills and are very aware of what is happening in the world around them. One of the things that makes this mother so unique is her ability to understand children regardless of gender and age. Gemini mothers also make the best fun for their children.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn’s mother will fight to the death for her children. She is fiercely loyal and will always stand for them. These mothers take parenting very seriously. They want a good work ethic for their children and are disciplined and focused. You can be sure that her older children earn money by caring for their siblings. They usually work a lot and sometimes you need to remind them to take some time for themselves.

5. Taurus

Taurus mothers are incredibly patient, but only if the children do not make mistakes. They are very real and down to earth. These mothers can be stubborn, which can lead to problems when their children are in their teens. But this mother guarantees that her children appreciate beauty and nature. Because they may be prone to cooking and eating, they must be careful not to overeat their children.

6. Libra

Libra is a great mother because she is very balanced and calm. They nurture harmony in the home and when there is an argument between siblings, they can see everyone’s perspective and help children find a solution. Libra mothers do not want to be disciplined and would rather be friends than parents of children. The most important thing a Libra mother teaches her children is how to share, how to empathize with others, and how to be good friends.

7. Cancer

The Cancer mother protects and nurtures. Children who have Cancer know that they are truly loved and cared for. The cancer mother is always here to listen to her child and help him feel better. She wants her home to be a place filled with love and comfort and thinks her children should share everything with her. When nothing else succeeds, the Cancer mother will give the child his favorite cookies or snacks. She is great at encouraging and developing creativity in children.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ mother has a huge heart. She will probably start traveling with her child at an early age. She instills in her children a thirst for knowledge and a strong sense of independence, as well as a sinister sense of humor. Sagittarius mothers are aware that their childhood was short, so they want their children to enjoy every moment of it. But the Sagittarius mother can also be impulsive. She doesn’t have as many rules as other mothers, because she wants her children to be their people.

9. Virgo

Whatever is spoiled, Mother Virgo will do her best to fix it, whether it’s a toy or a broken heart. She has high expectations for her children, but she still loves them indescribably, even when they don’t listen to her.

Virgo is a multitasking parent, she works, volunteers and still maintains a very clean and tidy home. She wants her children to be disciplined and not give up when things get tough. But Virgo is a perfectionist, so sometimes it can be hard if children fail at something.

10. Scorpio

Scorpio mothers are intuitive and often know what is happening to their children. They are excellent advocates of loyalty, honesty, and protection, so as long as her children speak the truth and pay attention to others, she is good.

Be careful if you offend her children in any way or create a problem with them because she will fight hard for them. He always puts the needs of the family above his own and passionately defends the family whenever he feels threatened.

11. Aquarius

Mother Aquarius aims to be faithful to herself. They may teach their children at home, but they also take care to spend a few hours outside the home. She makes sure that children know the importance of helping others and that they are aware of topics such as global warming.

This mother certainly inspires the imagination and encourages experimentation in her children. However, she has very little patience when children emotionally “shoot” or express any emotion. Maybe someone should remind her that children can’t assume that she loves them, but she should convince them.

12. Leo

Leo’s mother behaves mostly like a child. She enjoys playing with her children, giving them presents. However, she also has to deal with her own needs, and sometimes she has to give priority to her problems over those of her children. Does she make expensive parties because her son or daughter asked for it, or does she just do it to impress other mothers?

She loves her children deeply, but she can also be very narcissistic, thinking of her children as a continuation of herself. She is even ready to seduce her child’s teacher, even though she may embarrass the child in front of others.