The Best Matches for the Earth Zodiac Signs

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The three Zodiac signs that are well grounded and have pretty realistic expectations in life usually don’t have difficulties finding their perfect match. Still, there are some signs that simply relate better to the earth signs. Here are the perfect partners for the Capricorn, the Taurus, and the Virgo:

Capricorn and Cancer

The powerful emotions of the Capricorn are greatly received by the emotional Cancer. The Capricorn can expect a big, fulfilled relationship based on passion, but still, this can be destroyed easily because of the over-sensitivity of the Cancer. Once the Cancer learns to cope with the independence of the Capricorn – the relationship will grow into an everlasting love.

Capricorn and Taurus

The Capricorn-Taurus relationship has a strong potential and a great compatibility. The sexual fantasies of the Capricorn are pretty much the same as the ones of the Taurus. The sexual life is not their only mutual point: these both zodiac signs have the similar attitude towards life which makes the connection simply: harmonious.

Such harmonic moments lead to a constant strengthening of the trust and bonding of these two partners.  Still, problems can arise when the Taurus begins to show his dominance which is his unique trait. If the Capricorn is ready to accept this – these partners are about to have a long, happy life together.

Taurus and Scorpio

When Taurus searches for passion, he will most likely find it in a person born under the sign of Scorpio. Their sexual life will be full of adventures which they both adore. However, these two are both pretty stubborn – so they can expect fights and lots of crisis. Once they get used to one another – their passion will lead to a perfect companionship.

Virgo and Pisces

The traits of the Virgos are the total opposite of the ones of the dreamy Pisces. But since opposites attract – this pair is known as the perfect one in the zodiac system. Virgos love perfect order and a playful, adventurous life that Pisces easily accept. A mutual helping and endless talks about their mutual emotions are what makes these two signs a perfect couple.

taurus & virgo


Virgo and Scorpio

The partnership between the earthy Virgo and the watery Scorpio can progress into a harmonious love community, once the Scorpio accepts the demands of the Virgo. Scorpio’s charming character is exactly what turns on the Virgo. As the Virgos, in general, are pragmatic, they find the stable Scorpios a pretty good match.

Taurus and Cancer

This lovely combination in the Zodiac has an excellent opportunity for creating a harmonious love relationship. The Taurus and the Cancer are both sensitive and easily fall in love, so they appear to accept each other easily.

The sensitivity of the both signs can sometimes lead to misunderstanding, but luckily, they are both ready to compromise so they easily overcome this issue.
Avoiding the moments that can trigger the jealousy that is often found as a trait among the Cancers is ideal for this match. Otherwise, they can be doomed to a painful separation that they both don’t desire.

Overcoming jealousy is the most important step and once this is done – the partnership between the Taurus and the Cancer will grow into an adorable love match.