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Although technology plays a big role in motivating the female world to get out of the bed and hit the gym in order to reach the perfect body, learning the theory that stands behind the field of fitness is an essential, especially for beginner fitness girls.

In the pursuit of finding the best approach that will be long-standing and will form the basis of the new life regimen – books always come first.

Shutting down all technology devices and reaching a book written by fitness specialists and world-famous coaches looks like a great chance to enter a whole new lifestyle full of energy, liveliness and most of all – health and well-being.

Here are few of the best books that can help any girl reach the body of a supermodel – or at least be fully satisfied with her look on the outside and the way she is feeling on the inside.

Strong Curves

Written by an expert in gluteal training – Bret Contreras and the world-known personal trainer and fitness coach Kellie Davis, this book will offer you the best nutrition and fitness guidelines that will never seem to be timeless. The book is full of personal experiences and fitness challenges and is comprehensive enough even for the novices in this field. A lot of female anatomies and a brief explanation of each one of the 200 exercises for improving strength in one book is everything a girl can dream of. On top of all – the motivation and totally positive approach will help any girl hit the gym and get the wanted results in no time.

strong curves book

Thinner, Leaner, Stronger

The bestseller written by Michael Matthews – the founder of Muscleforlife website and a pro in the world of fitness is definitely one more book fitness girls will simply adore.

The philosophy behind the book is simple and clear: you don’t have to get through strict diets, tons of supplements and magic pills in order to get a thinner and stronger body. A totally different approach allows females to understand that the fitness industry can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive, but in reality – all that you need is an extra boost and tons of motivational stories you can find in this book. The 2 parts of the book will help you understand the secrets of the best known female models and give you the motivation and the proper directions from the first training on.

The Body Book

Another bestselling book that treats the topic of fitness and health – written by the famous actress Cameron Diaz may seem a bit skeptical at first – but once you read it you will definitely recommend it to your friends and anyone who is interested in the science behind nutrition – simplified enough so you can briefly understand it and start practicing it. As Cameron Diaz has professionally devoted herself to nutrition and the science behind fitness – the manual she has written will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while understanding the needs of your body and the step-by-step approach towards a greatly balanced active lifestyle.

Enjoy reading!