Astrological Superstitions 2020: Everything You Need to Know About Astrology

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Superstition or science is the defense against the fear of the unknown, but with superstition, you gain inner faith and a sense of control, which gives a whole new meaning to life. Beliefs vary, but astrology will help you discover why superstition is a link between faith and security. Besides, read which superstitions can bring misfortune to any zodiac sign and what you should not do according to its meaning.


Aries is a sign that is eager for adventure. He is not one of those who like to sit at home, but there is a special day when Aries should stay home and relax – Friday, the thirteenth. It is believed that something bad is always happening on this day, and Aries should stay at home because of its specific adventurous nature.


For all Tauruses, finding a coin is considered a good sign. However, it is best not to touch it because the coin you find on the street will take away the wealth of the person who will take it, and Taurus certainly does not want that.


Do not go under the stairs. First, it is dangerous, especially if one is standing on the stairs. Most people do not go under the stairs because of common sense, but Gemini wants to experiment, so going under the stairs is considered a bad sign for them.


There is a fairly old belief that you can’t avoid cracks in asphalt, which could supposedly create problems in the family. You have always been caring and attached to your family, so don’t go for the cracks, at least not to be nervous.


A broken mirror is a well-known sign, and Leos are beautiful people who see their reflection every time they pass in front of shop windows. They say that the broken mirror brings seven years of failure, but the main misfortune for the Lions is that they will no longer be able to admire their beauty.


Shoes on the table. Legend has it that when the miners died at work, their family put their work boots on the table of their loved ones. It is not known whether this is true or not, but Virgo is the last sign that she will tolerate shoes on the table, even if they are very clean. This is considered a bad omen.


Black cats are often associated with some witch’s powers. It is believed that if you cut your way, black cats can block your way to true love, and that does not suit Libra at all.


Parents and teachers forbid children to play with scissors, and the ancient Egyptians believed that it could bring real bad luck. Scorpios are stubborn and will probably not pay attention to what others say. However, leave the scissors.


Sagittarians are clumsy, but they have a great sense of humor and easily laugh at themselves. However, spilled salt means that quarrels await you. If you spill it, throw it over your left shoulder and smile – it will drive away from the bad omen.


Don’t put an empty bottle on the table – they say you won’t have money.


Aquarius should not open an umbrella indoors. The superstition about the open umbrella emerged in the 18th century, and even people who are not too superstitious follow this rule.


Many people avoid the corner table because it is believed that they will never get married. Pisces are sensitive and shy by nature, so they may need to be guided by this superstition.