Arieses are abrupt and feisty, and these signs extract the worst from them

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Arieses are abrupt and feisty, and these signs extract the worst from them

After looking at signs that are in good agreement with Aries, we are also obliged to study the opposite side of the spectrum. Aries is a naughty and quarrelsome guy who is easy to get into a fight with, and these are the signs that get the worst out of him.


Although they approach each other curiously at first, their date is one of the most unstable in the zodiac, and their misunderstanding is legendary. Aries approaches challenges directly and without much calculation, while Cancer is more alert and thoughtful. While Aries is a conqueror, Cancer becomes violent only if he or someone important to him is threatened.

These differences make their relationship difficult to sustain. Aries will often make demands before the Cancer and complain if the latter does not satisfy him, and the Cancer will retreat to his shell and occasionally strike back with his vicious tongs. This relationship is characterized by frequent reconciliation and re-separation.


These two stubborn types will freeze each other rather than live in love. In the early stages of dating, you will find each other very interesting, but disputes will start to emerge as soon as one of them makes a decision on something of common importance. The other will surely confront and start the bidding without respite.

They are both ambitious and diligent, but their styles and motives are different. Aries is hot, hasty and passionate, while Capricorn is calculated, frugal and facing slow but sure progress. While their love affair is marked by ego struggles, they can politely agree on a business plan. In a professional relationship, it will be easier to divide duties and complement each other in mutual interest.

Virgo and Taurus

Rams irritate these two earthen cues because they are slower to make decisions and rather preserve the status quo than engage in experiments that do not bring obvious and predictable benefit. Aries is more prone to risk and debt because he is optimistic that he will eventually be able to repay debt. Virgo and Taurus have a more conservative attitude towards money and value slow but straightforward progress than uncertain projects that could end very well but also very bad. A bull is a slightly better choice for Aries because it can be harmonized with sex, while the intimate life of Aries and Virgo is more often characterized by frustration.