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March 21st – April 19th

The first sign in the Zodiac system – the Aries, seems to represent the beginning of everything. The main characteristics that people born under this sign hold are openness, determination, leadership skills and huge generosity. The motto they are living by is: ‘I am leading’. Known for their passion and general euphoria, the Aries people seem very optimistic and always eager to explore new things.
Their ruler planet is Mars which is known as the powerful, fiery and dynamic planet – a fact that explains every single character trait of the Aries.

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What makes an Aries different from the other astrological signs?

Aries zodiac sign

Astrologists in the world long debate about whether the fiery character of the Aries is a trait that makes them among the most powerful signs known till today – or whether this is something they should master in order for it to become a positive trait.

Although they seem passionate about everything, another thing that seems a total opposite of their over-excitement is that they have a huge lack of organization and often leave things unfinished. The reason is they often put reason in the second place and tend to go with the flow – no matter what life brings to them.

Another thing that makes them so unique is their sense of humor, however staying away from jokes about them is essential – for everyone’s good.

When it comes to work – they love to investigate things and like performances of all kinds. This desire usually makes them great actors, but their ability to deeply penetrate things makes them great investigators and managers, as well.
Recognizing an Aries in a group of people shouldn’t be that hard – if someone talks about a migraine and kidney problems – the person is most definitely born under this sign. They also suffer from different kinds of anemias and this is usually connected to their lack of attention when it comes to healthy eating.

An Aries in love

Finding a brave lover born under the sign of Aries isn’t such a hard thing to do. These men are very seductive and flirty and easily conquer the hearts of people around them.
When it comes to love and sexual relationship – they always want to try something new and easily get bored with the old seduction games. A partner that is ideal for a male Aries is someone that is constantly busy, successful and very energetic. Otherwise – the Aries man will lose any interest and go on conquer the next heart.

Same things count for women born under this sign. Underestimating this woman is the biggest mistake one can do in a relationship with this person. She doesn’t bear critics and loves when her partner is careful and shows warm emotions especially in social situations – this makes her feel loved and appreciated.

These character traits of the Aries make them perfect couples with the Libras, the Sagittarius and possibly – the Aquarius. It’s not uncommon an Aries to fall in love with a Scorpio, as well, but this is usually a bad combination that ends quickly.

However – living with an Aries shouldn’t be such a demanding task, once you get to learn every single detail of their personality.

After all – it’s their powerful character that makes life more amazing and fun living with.