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January 20th – February 18th

The airy Aquarius is a typical representative of the group of air Zodiac signs. He is very clever, and he uses his mind in every situation. The Aquarius can’t imagine reaching a success without any form of mental stimulation.

As the ruling planet of the Aquarius is Uranus – he tends to be a visionary person who sometimes has a bit of aggression in his character. He adapts excellently to whatever life brings him. These traits make the Aquarius a great friend and a wonderful coworker. These people simply love the company and can’t stand a solitude even for a while – in fact, this is their biggest fear.

The personality of the Aquarius

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People that are born on the dates of the Aquarius sign are very independent and humorous. They love making big changes in their life and rarely attach to traditions or any form of religion. They love bonding with other people and hate individual work as they believe that the collective can bring far better goods to humanity than individualism. These people are usually the most adored parents as they always make friends with them.

The Aquarius loves anything that is eccentric, and he is often attracted to forms of alternative art and some kinds of electrical engineering or any area where they can put their creativity and different ideas into.

The biggest problem that an Aquarius has in life are the limits that society and other people set. These people are addicted to the feeling of freedom and they have lots of problems when someone tries to take their freedom away from them.
Although they seem like cold and frigid – they are in fact very emotional and caring people.

When talking about health – they often have problems with their blood and circulation, as well as some joint problems that arise later in life.

An Aquarius in love

A male Aquarius has a fear of closeness and serious relationships. If someone wants to bond with him – they should show affection, share his ideas and show him they are different and open. The male subjects born under this sign hate jealousy and will never fall in love with a partner that takes away their freedom to do whatever they like in life. They are very faithful – but they hate the idea of sharing the whole life with one person only, although they often do it without mentioning that fact.

The female Aquarius is very uncertain when it comes to love and relationships. She doesn’t need a partner to support her emotionally and materially because this way she loses her authority and responsibility for her own life. Her ideal partner would be someone that will understand her in depth and appreciate her for what she is, without trying to dominate her in any way. This woman is rarely jealous and will allow you to do whatever you please – only if you respect her privacy and her eccentric ideas.

An ideal partner for both male and female Aquarius would be another Aquarius, a Libra or an Aries.