8 Things to Avoid If You Want to Attract Girls

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In this article, you’re going to discover 8 mistakes that many do when trying to seduce a girl they like.

Unfortunately, in most cases those mistakes prevent them from arousing the interest of the women they find attractive.

When it comes to seduction, it’s like everything else: there are things you shouldn’t do.

And that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about in this article.

attract a girlLet’s start by the first mistake many guys do when interacting with a girl they want to seduce:

1. Apologizing too much

When you apologize too much, you look submissive.

The more you apologize, the more you seem afraid of losing the girl you’re talking too… Afraid of her getting away… Afraid of not attracting her…

Women are attracted to self-confident men, who are aware of their value.

They’re not attracted to men who are constantly supplicating or doubting about themselves.

2. Being too nice

Being too nice won’t help you attract girls.

On the contrary, being too nice will only bring indifference (at best), or disgust (at worth).

By being too nice, you don’t represent a challenge.

The girl you want to seduce should perceive you as a challenge. If there is absolutely no challenge, there is no excitation.

If you’re on your knees before her and that she knows that she has you, there is no sexual tension.

I’m not saying that you should be mean or that you should never be nice, I’m simply saying that there’s a limit.

The key is to find the proper dosage: being nice when she showed that she deserved it, and being less nice otherwise.

3. Displaying too much interest

If you display too much interest toward the girl you want to seduce, and especially if you do it too early, this girl is going to lose her interest in you.

She is going to lose her interest proportionally to your excess of interest.

If you display too much interest, the girl will see you as an easy catch. It won’t be fun nor exciting for her.

She’s not going to feel attracted to you.

That’s why you shouldn’t display too much interest.

Don’t be too clingy, don’t be too needy.

4. Adopting a nervous body language

Avoid doing some nervous gestures when interacting with a girl you’re attracted to (or with anyone else). Avoid brusque movements.

Instead, be relaxed. Move in a fluid and relaxed way.

Don’t suddenly turn your head when someone calls you, don’t stomp your feet, etc.

You body language should be confident and relaxed.

5. Putting her on a pedestal

Pretty girls are used to a whole bunch of men hitting on them all day long.

They are used to all these men looking at them as if they were some kind of goddess.

But women want men who just look at them as normal people.

They want men who can go beyond the surface and not only focus on their physical beauty.

6. Being too serious

If you act too serious with a girl, she’s going to get bored.

And that’s totally understandable: she wants to have fun, she wants to kid around a little bit, she wants to be in a good mood.

So instead of being that serious all the time, mess a bit with her, in a fun and playful way.

Tease her, play with her.

7. Being too available

Don’t make yourself too available for a girl you barely know.

And if you do, don’t let her see it.

Because if she sees it, her interest toward you is going to drop.


Simply because if you’re too available, it means that you’re level of interest is too high. It means that she’s your only option. And that’s not attracting.

8. Putting women before everything else

If you make women your priority, it means that you’re not really living an exciting life. It means that you don’t have any dream or goal to pursue.

But it will also put yourself under more pressure when you’ll interact with women, and therefore make you more likely to behave in a needy way.