8 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

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The way we sleep depends on our habits and our character. According to many scientific searches, less than 10% of the world population sleeps naked, while the rest spend their nights with pajamas, shirts or anything else that feels comfortable to sleep in.

Still, many different scientists proved that sleeping naked is actually great for your health.

Here are eight of the numerous reasons that will change your mind next time you put on your nightclothes before hitting the bed.

Maintaining an ideal body temperature

While all of us know that sleeping in a colder room is healthier, many didn’t even think of how much sleeping naked can add to the levels of cortisol that is naturally higher when our body is heated.

By lowering the levels of cortisol, we can easily control our appetite and therefore reach a healthier body shape.

A healthier skin

Letting your body skin breathe makes it shinier and healthier at a large amount. Can you even think of a better way to help your skin than taking off your clothes and rejuvenate while you sleep?

Better self-confidence

Connecting with your body and feeling comfortable in it is crucial for boosting your self-confidence.

One of the best ways to do it is sleeping naked.

The best anti-age treatment

Can you believe that throwing your pajamas can help you look and feel younger? Science has proven this as a fact, as maintaining a body temperature of about 70 degrees helps our body increase the melatonin – the hormone that helps us sleep, and increases the amount of anti-aging hormones that we all need to look as young as possible.

A better love life

Those of you that share their bed with a partner already know the beauty of the skin to skin connection. While this touch helps us get closer to your partner, it also helps the bodies regulate the oxytocin levels as well as the frequency of making love with your partner.

The alternative meditation

A great peace of mind and a mindful approach to living is one more reason to throw our nightgowns and sleep with nothing on. Saving money and not worrying about what to wear are reasons good enough for you to feel pure happiness before and during your night sleep.

Fighting yeast infections

Did you know that yeast infections need moist and warmth in order to develop in your genitals? Sleeping naked reduces this risk, as your private areas stay cool and dry during the night.

Goodbye insomnia

Although we feel better sleeping with clothes on, especially during the colder months of the year – these extra layers actually do us more harm than good. Letting the body regulate it’s temperature naturally helps it fall asleep faster and what’s even more important – helps you sleep deeper and happier.


With so many facts that prove sleeping naked is one of the best things you can do for yourself – it’s definitely worth start doing it today.

Have a great naked sleep.