7 Worst Habits That We Do After Eating

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One of the hardest things of every man is to change habits. If we want to keep an eye on their health and the line, also their healthy lifestyle we need advice from experts who have put together a list of 7 things you do not think we should do it after eating. Learn them in an easy way.

1. Smoking after a meal

Experts warn that this habit is much more harmful than you think because only one cigarette after a meal has the effect as if you burned 10 sibilant digestion works on the whole body and oxygen in the blood and binds to nicotine.

2. Fruit after a meal

If you consume immediately after a meal it is so long retained in the stomach that starts to rot and releases gases, and toxins, which, among other things, promote the establishment of gas and indigestion. Thus, the fruit is eaten on an empty stomach or two hours before and after meals.

3. Tea after a meal

Although this habit is practiced more and more people it is not good. Tea as the main ingredient of tea binds to iron and hinders the digestion which can be very bad for anemic people who make it should drink at least an hour after eating.

4. Swimming after eating

In this case, our grandmothers and mothers were right, but experts warn that this is true for showering. Water stimulates and enhances blood flow throughout the body that it needs, but after a meal, the blood goes to the stomach where digestion takes place, but not at places like the arms and legs, where would after such abrupt changes in temperature be.

5. Relaxation belt after a meal

This is a habit that we all do, but just relax belt after we ate well can lead to a delay in digestion. But there is another reason that leads to weight gain because in this way frees the city in the stomach, and you eat a lot more.

6. Activity after eating

While everyone thinks that physical activity after meals good, the truth is a little different. In fact, such an act interferes with the digestive system to absorb nutrients entered the food. It is recommended very light and pleasant walk, a greater effort should be postponed for at least two hours.

7. Sleeping after eating

Another old saying that has proved accurate. Sleeping position cannot natural, and therefore neither good for digestion, and gastric juices cannot do its job properly. This habit can lead to gastric problems, and hinders and the elimination of excess weight.