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Too much seeds and nuts

Most diet includes seeds and nuts. What is the right measure?

– The true measure of the fruit- As much as can fit in hands. You should not eat more than three walnuts, almonds 8, 5-6 Indian walnuts, and when the seeds are concerned, the real measure is one teaspoon.

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Skip Carbohydrates

You feel that the ejection of carbohydrates from the diet is fastest way to lose excess weight? Maybe, but you should not do that. Carbohydrates are source of energy for all the functions performed by the body. Our interlocutor explains that it is not necessary to throw out food, but take care of their amount. Rice and beans can be found on the table if the amount does not exceed the edge of your plate, and potatoes you can eat as much as you can fit in a fist.

Unhealthy brunch

– For brunch should tones the body. This can be a fruit, actually a fruit, but the best would be to be a salad, for example, only cabbage or cabbage with beets and carrots. Salad for brunch may also contain cheese, tuna and chickpeas, but forget about snacks.If you already follow the diet plan, do not cheat with snacks. Brunch is necessary and desirable and most diet includes them.

Avoid fats

First thought on a diet, for many it means ejection of fat from the diet. However, as much as that sounds logical to us, this is not a good decision. Fats are essential for body, and there are healthy ways to enter them.

– Good choices are olive oil, vegetable fats, even lard out of the question, but care should be taken that the amount does not exceed a teaspoon. In addition, fat should be added subsequently, and food prepared without fat, so that they subsequently added, because in this way we avoid any negative effects of the heat treatment of fats.

Diet products

Diet, dietary … it’s kind of logical, does not it? Actually not. The products which are indicated by “healthy” or “diet” is not devoid of sugar. Even, dietary supplements often contain more sugar than you can imagine. The reason is simple. The taste of food provided fat and sugars that are found in it, so the manufacturers cover up a lack of fat, and thus the taste, usually put large amounts of sugar. They are hidden in the store from which you would not expect, because they have a salty taste, or even spicy.

Unrealistic expectations

When problems with my weight get out of control, usually try to find a diet that will allow us to take off for a brief period a large excess. It is not unusual not to resort to fasting, but it is not a good solution.

– To lose weight in a healthy way and that they would not return, a month should lose up to 3 kilos. Anything more than that is required in order to exhaust the body, and there is a risk that the excess returns quickly.

Thus, the magic formula for weight loss does not exist. The most important thing is to have a good look in the mirror, think about how long it takes to lose weight and make a plan. Remember, perseverance and patience are the first step and the best ally on the road to slim line.