5 Zodiac Signs That Have The Weakest Immunity: Here’s What You Can Do During a Coronavirus

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While some signs are very durable, others can catch a cold even from the slightest draft.

Since there is still no vaccine against coronavirus, it is very important to stay at home and personally take care of your health and immune system.

The astrological sign can tell us if we need to pay extra attention to our diet and health. While some signs are very durable, even the slightest draft can cause harm to others.

Astrologer Manav Jaitly pointed out these 5 zodiac signs that should be especially careful during this month:


Yes, although he is tough as a nail and has great endurance, he often takes it for granted. Taurus does not exercise as much as he should and does not have healthy habits when it comes to diet. Because of his stubbornness, he often does not accept the advice of those who offer him a healthier approach. You should also consume plenty of fluids and vitamin C – oranges, lemons, various berries.


Colds and fever can be common in Scorpios. Although they are generally in good health, the astrological world wants Scorpios to take preventive measures and focus on their well-being. The current combination of Mars and Saturn is also not good for them. Drink fluids, lukewarm water would be ideal and eat in moderation, and if you go out, be sure to take a shower when you return home.


Gemini should drink plenty of vitamin C and eat vegetables, but also sleep regularly for 7 to 8 hours. Also to “calm their thoughts” and meditate. Remember that everything else can wait, but your health should come first.


This sign of free spirit should briefly move away from its adventures and realize the importance of staying at home and working on the immune system. The shooter should rest, write down his many thoughts in a diary, and stop eating snacks in the late hours.


This water sign is known for its toxic emotions flying around, and this is not good for the immune system. Stop following the media information about coronavirus and relax. Purify your thoughts. Talk to your friends via video call and dedicate yourself to your loved ones. Also, be prepared for healthy meals. Believe us, it is therapeutic, says astrologer Manac Jaitly.