5 Women, 5 Story: How Are Ordinary Women Lose Excess Weight And Change Their Way Of Life

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Weight loss is not impossible! This is evidenced by the five women who have made the challenge in front of him and began to deal with the problem which for years fought unsuccessfully. Here’s their secret….

If your must do list for 2016 include items such as: bring your body in shape, change the diet and take off a few extra pounds, it is the right time to start working on it. To know exactly where to go, it is important to find a unique program that will suit your lifestyle, general health, sex, and age, that will give great results!

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Therefore, we decided to talk to five “ordinary” women who have lost weight…

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With the help of video training, custom training at home


“Two months before the start of the story of my fitness, I was on a long and exhausting trip through Asia. Due to the constant movement I had an extremely unhealthy diet, and then I looked the worst in his life.

Otherwise, I’ve always been a very active person and I loved to do, but because of work and travel, I came to the point where I was not happy with themselves and their appearance. I found Ashy Bine and Kayla Its in programs that deal with mental health and healthy life philosophy, which taught me that a healthy smoothie recipes lifestyle includes mental and emotional change.

My fitness program is called Ashy Bine 28-day challenge. The program includes exercises with explanations and video recordings, as well as diet plan. The exercises in the framework of the program last about an hour, but once you master the technique and moves, training becomes a little shorter.

After completion of this challenge, I saw a huge change and I wanted to continue in the same direction. I bought Kayla Its in Bikini Body Guide, which is a bit different. It was based on morning walks and training with resistance, I worked three times a week. In addition to high-intensity training, and I changed my diet, which focused on protein intake as well as adequate carbohydrates and fats.

Before the start of the first practice, I had a 61 kilogram, and now I have 52, which means I’ve lost 9 pounds! During this period I noticed a huge increase in energy, happiness, and self-confidence! It is such an amazing feeling, now back respect and love your body. “- Carly, 26

With the help of Cross fit workouts

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“I tried with various gyms and diets, but we needed a complete change of lifestyle that I managed to get the results. I love skiing, so when I discovered Cross fit, I fell in love with him instantly.

With the help of his coach, I started to change my diet, which was based on the Paleo diet. In the last year, I lost about 30 pounds, and I have to admit that I do it slowly because I think it is better to lose weight slowly and in the long term. Perhaps I would like to lose weight overnight, but I know that this option is much better for your health. Thanks, Cross fit training, my body is now much stronger. “- Melissa, 34

With the help of Jenny Craig weight-loss program

“I had a weight problem all my life, but as an adult, before I got the first child, I had 98 pounds. After my third pregnancy, I tried to lose weight, but it was not even close to what I needed. I wondered how I could be much unhappy when I have three wonderful children and an amazing husband. Then my mother encouraged me to join the group, Jenny Craig. I was scared and I was ashamed. Especially when I had to stand on the scales and the next moment I saw that 145 kilograms. Then I realized I really need to access the program.

With the help of an organic diet

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“Before I knew how to put on weight 13 kilograms over the normal weight of overeating and cries of malnutrition. I believe that being overweight a clear signal that there is an imbalance in the body, mind, and habits that is my growing just a symptom of a larger problem, which hiding in the roots of behavior and nutritional diet. Also, I believe in a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy food and weight loss. Nutrition is a major part, but he believes helped with weight loss practice yoga.

With the help of Kickboxing


“Like most people that I’m older so did the pounds piled up. I was not satisfied with their physical appearance, but other than that I did not emotional. In the past, I used a program of exercises to practice at home, brisk walking, resistance training and cardio exercises, together with counting calories. With age, my metabolism was getting slower, so I think that all these efforts to prevent further accumulation of weight, but did not help to get rid of the excess.

That’s why I decided to join the group I love kickboxing to alleviate the stress that is accumulating in my life over the past year, while my weight was in the background.

One advice from our expert eat healthy food every day and spread positive vibration.