4 Fitness Beauties Over 50 That Will Inspire You to Enter the World of the Fitness Girls

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Are you still in search of the perfect anti-aging product? Skip the markets and the beauty stores, as the true beauty, health and the body of your dreams lies in one simple practice that you should start doing today: Fitness.

The saying that fitness is the fountain of youth is one that the famous fitness girls swear by. If you are still having doubts that this is true, check out these 4 fitness stars aged over 50 and still kicking in the modeling world, and look as vibrant as if they were in their early 20s.

Here are the five most inspiring models in the fitness field

Ruth Zukerman, Age: 59

This star of the fitness world has been working out for 30 years now and her looks sure don’t betray her true age – 58. Besides maintaining a healthy balanced diet with an obligatory avocado once a day, this fitness lady swears that sweating is the key to the fabulous look she manages to hold for more than 30 years.

Ruth Zukerman fitness girl over 50

Source: DailyEntertainmentNews.com

Being active on every social network existing on the net, Zukerman managed to create a huge interest on her newest workout regimen called the Flywheel sports. Besides this, she has written a book that talks about her fitness success as well as her private life. Many consider this woman as the most powerful and inspiring fitness beauty that is a proof that fitness is the answer to a long, happy and healthy life.

Terri Walsh, Age: 54

A personal trainer working in the fitness world even since her teenage girls is a huge inspiration for millions of young fitness girls.

Her social profiles uncover the secret of her beauty and perfectly toned body that looks much younger than it is: Balance in everything. She constantly advises people to skip the diets, eat moderately and practice every day.
Terri is now a founder of the Art Resistance Training or so called A.R.T. program which transforms the lives of the new enthusiasts and beginners in the fitness world.

Beverly Johnson, Age: 63

This former supermodel that appeared on the covers of almost every popular magazine still looks marvelous, even though she is now 62. Her book named “The Face that changed it all: A memoir” tells a lot about her beauty secrets. Most of all, this still kicking fitness beauty emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle in order for a girl to look and feel young, even when she is not.

BEVERLY JOHNSON fitness girl over 50

Source: huffingtonpost.com

Lauren Piskin, Age: 55

Lauren Piskin, a former ice skater – a sports activity that she practiced since she was seven still rocks with her adorable looks that sure don’t uncover her true age. She is now a founder of the ChaiseFitness or as she calls it – A Reinvention method. The mix of Pilates, aerobic and ballet is the secret that kept this lady look as fabulous as she can. Her program successfully transforms the bodies of her customers, but what’s even more inspiring is her own story that emphasizes the importance of fitness for maintaining a great figure and a positive spirit that motivates girls from all over the world.

A simple follow on these 4 beauties Instagram and Facebook profiles would be just enough for you to put your trainers on and hit the gym. Good luck!