3 Zodiac Signs That Are Likely To End a Long Relationship While in Quarantine

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If the current situation forces you to reconsider your relationship while at home, no one can blame you for it, because no matter how much you love someone, it does not mean that you have to spend every moment together. While many people are waiting for this situation to pass, some zodiac signs will decide to end the long relationship while in quarantine.

1. Aries

Aries is full of energy and needs to move constantly. Members of this zodiac sign do not want to be locked up at home, and forced closure makes them feel very uncomfortable. Aries most often put their needs first. If their desire for space and freedom is not fulfilled, nothing will happen to them, let alone the relationship. The quarantine can cause them to decide to end the relationship even with the person they have been with for a long time and who they believe is the right one.

2. Taurus

Members of this zodiac sign would not mind staying home with their partner. But Uranus, the planet of unrest, is now in Taurus. Because of this, Taurus can feel 10 times more anxious than normal. All the habits of your partner that you used to like will now start to irritate you. However, termination can only be temporary, unless the partner has done something that will hurt the Taurus a lot.

3. Capricorn

If the Capricorn feels that the relationship is not working, he will decide to end it. Members of this zodiac sign are aware that they should not waste time and energy on something that will not last long. While in quarantine, these individuals may realize that they need a new beginning, and for some, it may mean breaking off a long-term relationship.