3 Zodiac Signs That Are Likely to Correspond With Their Ex-partner During Quarantine

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While you are at home, you think about many things, even your ex-partner. Astrology reveals which zodiac signs will be tempted to send a message to an ex-partner, but still think twice before sending the message.

1. Taurus

It would not be difficult for the Taurus to stay at home. As time goes on, they will watch series and chat with friends via video calls.

But while watching a movie on Friday night, don’t be surprised if you feel lonely. Taurus is one of the zodiac signs that values ​​relationships the most and that is why it is in your nature to long for friendship and for what you have had in the past.

This is the period when you reach for your phone and start looking for your ex-partner’s name. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but don’t be fooled. Instead, write a message to a friend, hug your dog and wait a little longer to hug a new person as soon as the quarantine is over.

2. Leo

Members of this zodiac sign require attention. They want to be the center of attention, whether it means forcing friends to laugh at their jokes or attracting the attention of an ex-partner.

Because your activities are limited while you are quarantined, the idea of ​​corresponding with your ex-partner sounds very exciting.

Depending on how your relationship ended, it may not be wise to write “hello” to them. But you know that it will be exciting and that there is an opportunity to get attention from someone you know very well.

However, do you need attention from your ex in addition to all other people? Think twice before reaching for the phone.

3. Scorpio

You are happy because you are at home and you can read books, talk to friends, or just get lost in your thoughts. When you’re in the mood, you don’t think about anything else.

However, writing messages to your ex is forbidden and that’s why you like the idea. You know what message to send him to get an answer.

Talking to the person you used to be very close to will make you feel better, but keep in mind that many other people would be happy to have the opportunity to talk to you.