2020 Horoscope: Here are the important dates to note in your calendars

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In your natal chart, “dominant signs” and certain planets coexist. The dominant planets in an astrological chart allow another reading of the personality. Indeed, the latter has an influence on character.

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The dominant planets of your astrological sign

To fully understand your astrological chart and zodiac compatibility as well, you must be interested in everything that “revolves” around it. This analysis is based on the “dominant”: the planets, the 12 houses, the elements … These different components will give you a guideline. This is sort of the “astral backdrop” for your theme. She explains why two people with the same astrological sign can have completely different lives from each other. And why the horoscope in magazines does not make it possible to “predict the future” in an extremely precise way. Each planet has a specific role and meaning in astrology. There are 10 of them and they have an impact on people’s preferences and future. At the time of birth, the planets observe a certain alignment in the sky.

This alignment plays an important role in a person’s life. You can find out about your dominant planets by referring to a chart of the day of your birth. The planets are constantly moving. Each at their speed, they modify the planetary configuration. These movements allow anticipation of future events. For example, Venus is the planet of love. It will form certain aspects with other planets. These will directly mark your emotional life. In astrology, the astrological signs are therefore not enough to determine the individual appearance of each man in his entirety or the horoscope to predict his future.

The influence of the planets in the horoscope

The dominant planets in an astrological chart give indications of the character of a person. Each planet influences man in his own way. To analyze the influence of this on a man’s life, three criteria are essential:

– the aspects formed between the dominant planet and the others (conjunction, trine, square …)
– the birth chart, which defines how the configuration of the planets interacts with the birth chart of each individual
– the possible demotion of the planets.

In this article, we are going to talk about the astrological events in 2020. Some events have been exceeded but there are more than 10 events that will welcome us. Curious? Keep reading!

Mercury retrograde as an important aspect of astrology in 2020

Mercury retrograde when in 2020? What full moons may affect me in the next year? We answer that, and much more, right here. To plan your 2020 year and prepare for all eventualities, it is good to know what the stars have in store for you. According to several experts, 2020 will be an exciting year that marks the end of a rather dark cycle. We are therefore expecting a great year!

Here are all the important dates to note for 2020:

Mercury retrogrades:

We all know that when the planet Mercury goes backward, anything can happen. Our plans fall flat, our computers break, we have difficulty communicating … It’s hard! Here are the three that are coming in 2020.

1. From February 16 to March 9.

During these dates, Mercury will demote to Pisces and Aquarius. Our emotions and intuitions will, therefore, be affected. Now is not the time to act on a feeling!

2. From June 18 to July 12.

Mercury passes into Cancer, the sign of sensitivity. We may be more susceptible, so be careful what we say, and how we interpret the words of others.

3. From October 13 to November 3.

The last retrograde of 2020 takes place in Scorpio and Libra. People will be more jealous than usual and some will even lie. Pay attention.


There are 2 types of eclipses: the suns, which match the new moons, and the lunars, which are during the full moons. Solar eclipses are great times to start a project or a relationship, while lunar eclipses are more of a time when we see our work finally paying off.


1. January 10 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Since the planet which represents the sign Cancer is the Moon, this eclipse will be doubly lunar! It means that our emotions will be on edge and that this is a time when we must protect our hearts.

2. June 5 – Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

This eclipse is related to work and money. Since the Sagittarius sign loves freedom and travel, this is a good time to reward our good work for the year with a well-deserved vacation!

3. June 21 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Since it takes place in the 12th house, that of spirituality, we will feel the need to reflect on our lives and reconnect with our soul. A little yoga or meditation class will be in order!

4. July 5 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

This will be strange, since we will feel the impulsiveness of Capricorn, but also its more serious and working side. Since everything will be aligned with Cancer, work, and emotions will be mixed, which is not always a good thing.

5. November 30 – Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

We risk feeling confused during this eclipse, especially people who are of mutable signs, namely Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These signs will feel unbalanced and emotional.

6. December 14 – Solar eclipse in Sagittarius

The last eclipse of the year will make it easier to communicate, especially in our interpersonal relationships. The loves will be clarified and the baffles will be resolved! It’s also a good time to plan a vacation.

The transits:

Transits are times when planets pass from one place to another, bringing about great changes. Some planets move often, while others do not. These movements dictate great periods in our lives.

1. January 12 – Saturn crosses Pluto

These two planets represent dark energies. Saturn is a reflection of our fears and our restrictions, while Pluto is that of control and obsessions. When the two intersect, which happens about once in 35 years, it marks a period of transition. We risk being freed from a ball that prevents us from moving forward for a while already.

2. March 21 and December 17 – Saturn enters Aquarius

This transition will happen twice in 2020. These will be times when people will open up their horizons and start to be interested in what is happening outside their home! We risk seeing demonstrations, shock revelations, and significant changes.

3.April 4, June 30 and November 12 – Jupiter crosses Pluto

Jupiter is the planet that determines our optimism, our ideals, and our philosophy of life. When it crosses Pluto, 3 times in 2020, there will be 3 moments when we risk feeling energized. This will give us the courage to undertake projects that are important to us!

4. December 21 – Jupiter crosses Saturn & Capricorn in air sign

December 21, 2020, marks the end of an era since 2 things happen at the same time. The constellation Capricorn passes from the earth signs, where it was since 1802, to land in the air signs. It could have a big impact on the planet, we could see a change of energy sources that come from the earth (like gas, oil, all that), for new sources!

In addition, Jupiter and Saturn intersect, which only happens every 20 years. This will drive us to make big decisions, and we will be inspired by the creativity that Aquarius, an air sign, brings. It is better for you to understand the meanings of zodiac signs.

2020 will be eventful! Anyway, we hope this article can be useful to you. Thank you for reading and good luck!