The 12 Zodiac Signs and Their Movie Choices

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Each of the zodiac signs has his own cinematic taste, depending on their nature and their character. Read on to find out which movies are the favorites for each of the twelve subjects in the Zodiac system:

The Aries love romantic comedies and action movies

These people are fans of sports and action, but they also adore romantic comedies such as Jennifer Aniston’s movies. When talking about newest editions, they will love the movie Queen of Katwe, while they are always fascinated by all parts of “Die Hard”, no matter how many times they’ve watched it.

Taurus love movies with lots of violence

Action and violence are the taste of people born under the sign of Taurus when it comes to movies. However, their open-minded nature makes them love black and white classics, as well as dramas such as new movie “The Girl on the train”

Geminis prefer romantic movies

Their light cheerful character is easily connected with American comedies and dramas which picture love stories. The latest “Bridget Jones’s Baby” movie will fascinate these romantics.

Cancer – drama movies and documentaries

Cancers are known as sentimental and wistful; therefore, they love these kinds of movies. The “Mona Lisa Smile” seems to be a perfect match for them. However, they easily get fascinated by all kinds of historical movies and documentaries because of their analytical nature.

Leos love animation movies

These people are often pretty artistic and they always search for something new. New animation technologies fascinate them. Their perfect choice from the newest editions would be the animated feature “Trolls”.

The Virgo loves good thrillers

Analyzing situations and people is the nature of people born under the sign of Virgo. Therefore they always prefer thrillers. The latest psychological thriller starring Naomi Watts – “Shut in” would be an excellent choice for them.

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Libras love historical movies

The Libra is always fascinated by movies that talk about justice and historical happenings. The Libras are the best friends for watching movies from all twelve zodiac signs. The latest movie “Denial” that has a historical motive would be a great choice for the Libra.

A Scorpio is fascinated by horrors

The mysterious nature of the Scorpio makes them a perfect candidate for horror watching.

All kinds of horrors will make the Scorpio happy when it comes to movies.

Adventure movies are made for Sagittarius

The adventuristic nature of the Sagittarius makes them love a good adventure which includes excellent landscapes. However, they equally love comedies, so a good mix between those two genres would be just perfect for the Sagittarius. Their nr.1 are always Harry Potter and they love all the parts of this series.

The Capricorns adore sci-fi movies

Everything that contains a science fiction motive in a movie will fascinate the Capricorns. However, these people often adore Woody Allen and all his movies.

An Aquarius loves cult movies

The scarce nature of the Aquarius is greatly reflected in their movie taste. They will always get captivated by “Rocky” and “Fight Club”. They love old-timers and they are never fascinated by the new technologies, so don’t even try to watch an animation with an Aquarius.

Pisces adore kids’ movies

The dreamy nature of the Pisces makes you easily guess: they love kids movies. “Ice Age” and “Harry Potter” are their top movies, while the newest “Moana” movie narrating the story of the Polynesian teen will be something they will simply adore.