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1. Regular Diet

Meals are not allowed to skip. The body will work best if you have 3 main meals and 2 half rations. This rule applies even when you are on a diet.

2.Diverse food rich in fiber


We have moderate to consume white meat and fish, non-fat fermented milk products such as yogurt and sour milk and young cheese. But of course the emphasis should be placed on vegetables and fruits and freshly squeezed juices. Unless they contain vitamins and fiber combined with water perfectly burn fatty foods. The advantage is also to consume bread or whole wheat pasta. Once or twice a week to consume beans, peas or lentils as rich in protein and carbohydrates useful.

Hazelnut, almond and walnuts give energy and a feeling of satiety. They contain important amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc and unsaturated fats. Because of their calorific value should use sparingly as among the best meal. Especially should emphasize the importance of these products because are rich in fiber, iron and frolic acid. Balanced substances giving long a feeling of satiety and reduce blood cholesterol.

3. Water

Consuming sufficient amounts of water and unsweetened herbal teas to 2 litre  per day it easier for the body, throwing out the toxins that contribute to collecting fat from cells. Water should not consume if you feel thirsty. Water should consume in order sips through during the whole day at room temperature.

4. Walks and exercises

As you work, you must dedicate yourself and your body to look awesome. Whatever the weather, the walk will always help you to relax.

blogger of health

5. Vitamins

Soundest option of entering the vitamin C and other vitamins is through food, but it is often insufficient intake so is allowed entry through artificial vitamins tablets.

6. Reduce your intake of fat of animal origin


Avoid fried foods, fatty foods processing and full-fat cheese, butter, margarine and cream. Especially recommended cold pressed olive oil because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that protect the heart and blood vessels.

7. Reduce consumption of sweet foods and drinks

Discard the white sugar, and replace them with natural sweeteners such as honey, malted or fructose. Do not use mild and soft drinks. Dark chocolate is more healthy then milk. It contains less sugar, and bromine substance that positively affect mood. The advantage should give dried fruit (not candied), fasting cakes and biscuits from whole cereal grains, sweetened with natural sweeteners.

8. Consume less salt

Foods that are thought to contain a lot of salt: meat products, concentrates for soups, seasoning for dishes, cheeses, salted snacks and so on.

9. Consume moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages

The proper amount of gold is worth, men are advised up to two glasses of wine or a glass of spirits. And while the female half of the dose of men good circulation and good health.

10. Forget Cigarettes

If you stop smoking and he obediently to always forget, the body will be too grateful, and your face and your skin shines again.